Whiskey PVP - Not a Clone Guide to help you guys

So Whiskey use to suck, he use to suck horribly, but now he doesn’t suck so much, so why are people still sucking with him?

I think to me it’s gotten to the point of frustration to write this, cause while I know what he can do now, so many people are falling short, and it makes me a sad none clone.

So I am bringing you a bad ass guide of sorts, a guide that you better follow and do my boi some justice as many of you aren’t. This guide is absolute and you can’t question it, which is your first lesson, DON’T QUESTION THIS GUIDE OF AWESOME BAD ASSNESSNESSSSSSAAAAH!

First, I’ll talk about gear, and I can make this short and sweet. Run attack speed and attack damage. I know there’s alot of people out there that say run recoil, but I say SCREW THAT! If you can’t shoot well enough to have to run Recoil gear, then Whiskey is not the character for you. You tryna be a bad ass, so stack that damage up and shoot them bullets! And don’t do a crit damage build, you get more damage overall from base damage, which in turn increases your crit hit damage! I highly recommend Whiskey Foxtrots legendary, and if you ain’t got it yet, then In scooter’s voice GET YOU ONE!

Ok now I’m gonna talk about helix choices, since I don’t know them word for word I’m just gonna go into detail about them and why, cause you a Whiskey player, you don’t need that useless word crap and here to kick ass!

First Helix Choice: Slow Stickys - Why anyone would chose the other choices is still beyond me, maybe the scrap shot shield pen in story mission maybe, but Knockback?! Come on, you an assassin, not a scary little whiney Foxtrot. If your team can’t help keep you alive well enough to melt faces then you would lose in the first place. Your quick melee should suffice for you to get away. Sticky slow is what puts the fear in your opponents, when it lands, it makes crits SO much easier to land. Sneaking a sticky on unsuspecting opponents is the best thing ever also, and before they realize what’s going on BOOM! they be dead!

Second Helix Choice: Swiss Cheese - The scrap bank is used for one other situation only, if you are the only assassin and your dealing with the two healer combo on a tank. Just alternate the scraps and face melting and you good, leaving them healers confused and scared of your awesomeness. If you doing any other team comp then go swiss cheese. It’s got a crazy buff, why wouldn’t you use it. Ping those players and start melting faces, as they can get your bullet damage up to 69, making you do almost 210-280 a trigger pull on stationary targets depending on your late choice (i’ll get to that awesome later). Also when those little scary opponents try to hide in close quarters you can unleash a scrap shot and it lets you know exactly where they are and you can start melting their face. NO HIDING FROM ME BISHES!

Third Helix Choice: ACOG - There’s only one reason why you would go red dot over ACOG, and that reason is NONE! But seriously, only if you playing like 5 small frame characters (Thorn, Alani, Melka, Orendi, Montana). ACOG is better in every friggin way to be a mid range assassin, you know, his intention. It gives you an accuracy buff which makes the damage drop off not as bad so you can melt faces from even further distances. It also seems to reduce recoil, but I don’t know about that, I JUST KNOW IT MELTS FACES BETTER! That’s all you really need to know. And if you ever found yourself in a situation where you have opponents inside or your aiming comfort zone then just shoot from the hip, the accuracy boost already buffs it and it’s not like call of duty where burst rifles have such a big cross hair at the hip. So BLAST THEM FOOS!

Fourth Helix Choice: All of the above - It but really boils down between Mirv or that electrical bomb sticky. The electric sticky is by far the most damaging sticky of all his choices. And don’t give me that “well triple sticky/mirv gives you” three pools of lava so it does more", BRUH THOSE POOLS DON’T STACK! And no opponent is gonna be silly enough to stay in three pulls of lava. Hell even the bots don’t stay in those pulls of lava. So in almost all cases go electric sticky, UNLESS you are playing 5 small body characters and your sticky aim is off (Alani, Melka, Orendi, Thorn, Attikus). Use Mirv in that case as you will be garunteed a sticky and a pool of fire front of you for a little protection, but main you just want the slow to melt their faces easier. Only use triple sticky in story mode, you cheating yourself doing otherwise.

5th Helix choice: Reload - Everybody be like “Well I like to run health cause blah blah blah blah” Bruh if your healer/team doing they job then you won’t be taking much damage. You need to keep spraying them bullets for that damage yo, and reloading faster will give you that chance. But sometimes your team can just suck, in that case then get health regeneration and carry their ass to victory.

6th Helix choice: Man do I really have to explain this one? - If you don’t have the mutation yet, finish story mode until you do. You hindering your team without sticky.

7th Helix choice: Four round burst - Now this one I feel is just stupid as GBX should increase his mag load cause those two little bullets at the end don’t do crap. Reguardless this will be better over the reload every other mag, UNLESS you didn’t choose the 30% reload helix choice upon kills. That will give you more bullets in that case.

8th Helix choice: Spread over range - This where things get fun as hell. Man nothing is more rewarding than knowing you will get a ping to melt faces then when you get this ability. There isn’t enough range in the game to benefit from the damage of scrap shot’s distance where as the spread will give you a guaranteed ping on everything in the area and you can melt their faces with those 210-280 trigger pulls. The damage of a bad ass

9th Helix choice: Stronger Stickies - Yo by the time you melted faces and moved to the next objective your cool downs will be ready, so max that damage out! Swift Stickies takes off three seconds from your cool down, but just about everything on this game in PvP has long cool downs so those three seconds won’t do much. And if you follow this guid people gonna be dead in 5 seconds anyways so you win. Go for damage

10 Helix choice: Another no-brainer - If they don’t have shields, go with the 100 bullets, if they have shields, go for the penatration. That kleese won’t be too happy when he’s in all his rifts and still dying. That shayne and aurox hiding behind that 840 shield buffer will think twice about staying engaged. 100% shield penatration always makes them go “Well I have a shield buffer so I should be ok with OMG WHY AM I DYING, WHAT’S HITTING ME?!” Well news flash, YOUR BAD ASS is hitting them. Go shield penetration.

And that’s it, that’s the stuff you need to know to git gud whiskey not a clone. This stuff works, I know, I’ve been top damage in about all games i’ve played, only getting out parsed in games that surrendered early.

So read it, put it under your pillow and dream of it, and wake up to be the bad ass whiskey I know you can be.

And if you not a reader or just want more, then check this bad ass video of me using this build at different levels. I value personal enrichment, this video is another way of getting that.

Still not enough bad ass footage for you, where here, chew on this full match with alot of the useless crap cut out and see me using the setup in full glory.


Sounds more like Oscar Mike attitude to me, but then again clones, right? Kudos for being in character, makes it that much better.

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I disagree with your build so much. First and foremost, 3 stickies equals longer slow. They then have to run through more napalm. Idk if each pool does the 520 I’ve never tested but either way they will spend more time in napalm as there is more of it. The movement speed or health regen blow the reload speed out of the water at level 5. You can hardly notice a difference with the 4 round burst in your dps. Whereas the taped mag effect is obvious. I generally run movement speed unless I have no healer on the squad. And ugh level 9 you have to be kidding. 25% cool down vs 15% damage? More stickies plus more napalm. That’s a no brainier.


He never sucked to begin with, he already got buffed 3-5 times before this major patch. People just think he’s like Oscar and thus end up playing him like Oscar. Whiskey is way superior to Oscar and does more damage.


Q.Q while you can pal but faster reload will always do more damage than faster movement or health regen. More bullets will always beat faster reload. The slow resets not stack so you will not stay slow muchlonger and unless your opponent is a mike unit, i doubt he run through three pools of lava

Gotta up your bad ass thinking

It’s nice when people start liking a char that was previously was considered weak, but come on…if you write a guide and start with “this char used to suck”…that does not give a lot of credibility to you knowledge of the char. Especially when talking about char that needed arguable among the most mechanical skill and situational awareness to make it work before the patch. But I can let it slide :wink:
Now let’s get to the business. Helix choices. There could be different takes on those, but this was so bold directions by you, I will just follow your lines and say that you are wrong in some of them.
First lvl4. 3 grenades are better than mirv. Why because mirv sets up a line perpendicular to you, yes it’s faster to launch, but unless you are hugging the enemy you will miss 1-2 of them. 3 stickies give you option to spread the damage/slows between enemies and most importantly - minions (you know that most important part of this game) and you can set up the lava in any shape that is most needed for the situation. The shield stripping granade could be a viable pick against specific teams heavy on shields or in incursion for taking sentry shield. But overall, 3 stickies give most flexibility.
Lvl5. Ehm…really reload? His legendary sorts that partialy and another mistake on your part later on rests reload problems to grave. Movement speed could be viable option, but I find that mutation for healing is the best. You should still be killing things all the time, even if you got pushed back from lane the healing makes your return to more aggressive play much faster. That’s the difference between WF and OM. You get OM to low health and he runs away. Do the same to WF and he only falls back a bit and still slows your waves and soon is back to 100%.

Lvl7. Yap. Reload. Why because if you plan, which you should, you always have 60 bullets for each engagement. And that trumps 4 bullet burst, which just wastes ammo.

Lvl9. Yap, shorter cooldown. You have so many additional affects on your grenades by this time that they are more beneficial than their initial damage. So why not have those more often. And if you want more damage…you can always stick multiple nades on one target.

So that’s it for helix. I will omit gear since there are actually a few viable options. However, the last thing I will say is this. If you want to write a good guide for Whiskey you should always start with his passive. WF is thinking man’s clone and planning a kill before actual engagement is part of that planning. The difference between good Whiskey and an average one is how well he keeps his passive up. That and if you can aim the bursts or not :stuck_out_tongue:

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Draw me up a diagram of how you can get stuck with a napalm grenade and not walk through it. Your argument makes zero sense lol. Idk what kind of people you play that will stay in the fight long enough to allow you to shoot 3 clips in a row to make the faster reload from the passive relevant, can I play against them though? Even if that’s the case, how many kills are you going to get to keep the passive going if you are just consistently shooting your gun? The movement speed gives whiskey somewhat of an escape. The reload from the passive can be equaled out by a later helix, why would you ever take that over health or movement speed. Just plain silly, like your level 9 choice. I generally run health regen at 5 unless we have a miko who really knows what he’s doing, but I don’t know any whiskey players who even remotely consider reload speed there.

My helix choices are absolute and there’s no changing them, the point of this. If you haven’t noticed a difference with 30% reload on top of his legendary then you haven’t used the helix choice.

If you do not kill minions before they land through one sticky pool, then something isn’t being done right. Mirv isn’t for the damage, Mirv is for the slow, the damage comes from your gun, like a true bad ass.

60% Every other reload doesn’t beat 4 bullets every burst for damage, after a certain reload speed it becomes benign. More bullets always = more damage in this case. In almost every case in this game really

You are speaking as if you will connect all three stickies, and if you do, then of course they will run through all three pools, but you will not always get all three stickies in an engagment, and if you did, a single shock sticky would’ve sufficed and did way more damage.

Also 3 seconds off a cool down isn’t gonna do much when you black an AoE that does a nice amount as it’s a bigger multiplier to your damage than actually 15%. Combine that with the ability to wave clear and you set (you know, burst damage like an assassin is suppose to do). Your cool down will be ready by your next engagement on all modes, especially Meltdown. Getting shorter cool down won’t mean nothing unless you are constantly engaged in a battle, you know, how you would be on story mode. 15% damage will always do more.

I see you spot reading my not a clone guide, not something a true bad ass should do. I suggest re-advising your statements and come back with more bad ass replys.

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Yap, just like even 350% reload speedy does not matter if you are out of hp.

Lava pools are not only for minion waves. There is this thing called team fights as well. And you can slow with even single granade. Mirv only lets you miss less often. 3 stickies on the other hand let you slow 2-3 enemies easily every time if you choose so ( if you can aim).

Same for reload, yes at some point the increased reload is not giving much, but you still need helix upgrade for stacking it, so why not take the one that gives most. Especially when Lvl5 has other very good choices. Moreover, short time dps is only good if you are fighting one enemy. But since most of the time you have multiple enemies (be it heroes or minions) that you can pump lead into, having 60 bullet clip golden.

I use whiskey as more like a sniper type of person. I go with the slow obviously, 3 scrap charges, acog scope,mirvs,regen,napalm,quick reload,tight spread, 15% sticky dmg, then the last one depends if the opposing team is mostly shields or not.

Even the most precise of PC players will not be able to get two stickies in the alotted times on opponents, and if they did I may give them bad ass sticky of the year award. Mirv would’ve done better, and with two other pools to boot, but if you honestly playing the assassin role like he’s intended, he single targets burst damage from a safe distance, how a true bad ass assassin does it. That’s why 4 round burst > 3 round reload, melting faces way faster, and in cases, before they even reload.

Those some really nice choices Pal, and I’d recommend tight spread with three charges too. Only problem is it lowers your overall DPS dramatically for a single target DPS, which is befitting for a long ranged assassin. Cool tip, might have to try it out sometime, sounds bad ass.

Also forgot to note that I use an Atk speed setup for him so i don’t really need the 4-round burst. You’ll also end up with 2 bullets at the end of your clip every time. I’m mostly about speed so the faster atk speed and quicker reload makes it hard for enemies to react fast enough or run away.

EDIT :Also since i always go with the tighter spread and longer range it deals more dmg since all of them will or usually will hit. Deals a lot of dmg and i tend to use it as a finisher or if i don’t have the bonus reload speed on my curret clip and don’t have time to reload so i use my scrap cannon.

You have to be trolling right? You sit there advocating for how important the constant reloads are, and then say how you are only initiating every 15 seconds when your sticky comes back. You do realize these are contradicting ideas? Then, you also say how if you can’t aim you shouldn’t be playing whiskey. If you hit the first sticky, you are hitting the next 2. If you miss the 1st, you have 2 more tries at it, and guess what, he’s gonna back up into the first napalm you shot. If you miss your sticky, you have nothing, and what’s the attacker gonna do? Get in your face and wreck you. Your 1st helix rationalization is “sticky slow is what puts the fear in opponents”. 3 stickies has both a better chance at slow, and potentially longer slow. How on earth can you stick by the shield drain. congrats you can melt shayne or kleese’s shield a half a second quicker than me.

Serious question here. What’s the point of attack speed on Whiskey?

I never focused on constant reloads, I said reloads out trumps movement speed/health regen and more bullets out trump reload speed in terms of damage. if my 5th helix choice was attack speed instead of reload speed it’d use that, but we only got movement speed, it sucks, but you go with the better option for DPS.

It’s not contradicting, you will run out a burst before the sticky goes out, chances are maybe two, but by the time the mobs are clear and you encounter another engagement your sticky will be ready, and if not, your scrap will be ready. If engaged with other opponents by the time you reach that level and able to push out two sticky grenades timers, either one of you have bad aim or your opponent doesn’t know how to run melee.

I never back into the first napalm a player shot if they missed. Chances are if a whiskey has stuck me with a slow napalm, I have time to turn around and see where the other 1-2 possibly went as they are little flashing glowing things on the ground.

Once again for the 3rd time and stop selective reading, it’s not bad ass at all. Electric sticky for none small framed characters. You’d be surprised what that extra damage will do with any form of skill damage and levels (at base it can do an extra 300 damage to a single target). No matter the circumstance a electric sticky will do more damage than any other option.

It makes the burst fire faster, and seeing as whiskey has possibly the best recoil in this game in terms of gunner characters he can benefit the most precision wise with it.

I dig this build!

Sigh. Use the Ult for non small framed characters…Using the shield drain so that you can do more damage to big frames and hindering yourself against smaller frames is insane, especially when you have an alternative that will do more damage, quicker, against big characters. You don’t need the shield drain to destroy Toby, Kleese, Montana, shayne, isic or any of them when you have 75 rounds of rapid fire, and God help them if you get to level 10