Whiskey PVP - Not a Clone Guide to help you guys

And that would be fine, except for the fact that your ult isn’t always gonna be up, and can be used in conjunction with the sticky grenade pre-level 10. No matter how you cut it, the sap stickies do the most damage and the most bad ass when they connect, like a true bad ass that whiskey is.

I’m gonna counterpoint shogun’s build with my own. To be clear, I DON’T disagree with tha_shogun’s choices. if you’re looking for different ways to play WF, I think we’re both right. :


  • 1st: Weighted Down - Self Explanatory slow. It starts off kind of weak as an arcing skillshot, but later on, the stickies become quite dangerous once you’re burst firing your grenades. Shield Scrapper might be a decent alternative option, but it’s only good against someone like Kleese who relies on a really strong shield. Flak Off is useless. If you have to push your enemy back, AWAY from your crosshairs, you’re doing a lot more wrong than just picking that mutation.
  • 2nd: Swiss Cheese - This is actually fairly useful. Against in-close or melee enemies, pop this early, and burst down their shields, to force them into retreat. At range, save it for when you get a snare, stun or knockup. When they get down to about 1/3rd health. tag em, and hammer it home. Don’t shoot for all the pellets to hit. Any one will trigger the damage amp. Couple this with Combat Rhythm, and your assault rifle will be doing an extra 40% damage per bullet. :slight_smile:
  • 3rd: Scoped Up - I’ve heard the arguments for an Attack Speed build, coupled with the Red Dot…and what you give up in reach, isn’t given back in speed. You become a closer Ghalt, with no stun, no yankback, and only a single slow. Take the ACOG, and you are just under Marquis in range, without a six shot clip. :slight_smile: It also gives you excellent turret Accelerator and bot/Thrall destruction without needing to close.
  • 4th: Triple Threat - The key difference between Triple Threat and Sticky Mirv(the mutation choice) is that you can still guide the second and third grenades with Triple Threat. In theory, you could hit three separate targets with Sticky MIRV at the same time. In practice, you’re more likely to waste two of the grenades. And unless you’re REALLY good at hitting arcing skill shots, Stick N’ Sap, is a massive loss of tactical capability.
  • 5th: Killer Regen - Reload and Speed Burst, are decent choices if you don’t have the mutation unlocked. But once you do, this is your go-to every game. it basically gives you a 22 HR stat on every kill(be it bot, minion, turret, shard or player) you make. You become your own healer. Need a quick heal? Burst down a minion, wait ten seconds, burst down a shard, wait ten seconds, burst down a turret. :slight_smile:
  • 6th; Napalm - So, who thinks Oscar Mike is still rabidly unfair? :slight_smile: he only shoots ONE incendiary grenade, and his don’t even slow on impact. Once you unlock this, start training to nail that first grenade, and THEN the other two. if you can hit with the first, the others will generally land on most medium to large sized BB models, tripling your explosive damage. If you want to get creative, hit with the first, and then try and land the next two where your enemy will run. :slight_smile:
  • 7th: Duct-Taped Mags - Shield Pen and When There Just Isn’t Enough, are servicable if you have a really good reload speed. But basically, this gives you 60 rounds to shoot with, as D-TM’s reduce your reload speed to just over a single burst from WF’s rifle. :slight_smile: It’s a good pressure builder on enemies who think they can wait and burn your clip before countering.
  • 8th: Spread Shot - Largely, Scrap Cannon is useless at anything but close range. So, don’t think of it as a damage effect beyond that range. Think of it as bumping up your assault Rifle damage at a critical moment. You want a wide spread at range, as any single pellet will trigger the damage amp.
  • 9th: Swift Stickies - More slows, more nape, more boom…what’s not to love? :slight_smile:
  • 10th: What Shields - Now, this is a BIT subjective. What Shields is generally the better choice, as there are almost no groups that don’t run SOME kind of shields. But, it can lose effectiveness based on how many non-shielded Eldrid there are against you. If you run against one of those rare teams, Overoverdrive could be a better choice. If you find yourself totally unconcerned with shields in the late game, OOD is fine. Otherwise, I’d stick with What Shields.

As far as gear, sorry Shogun, but I’m deep into recoil reduction. Before 5th, it lets you poke as well as Marquis. But once Overdrive unlocks, this makes recoil reduction your best friend. Why strike with 40 out of 75 rounds because you’re recoil spreads them, when you can 75/75 or 100/100 with RR?

From what I see of his build, Shogun’s favoring more of a premade group style than mine does. And it works in that regard. He’s more focused on dealing more and more damage per individual burst fired with an assassin, and that’s never a bad thing. My build is more about versatility, and countering weaknesses in a team. I don’t want to just kill, I want to be able to cover, to heal myself, and to support the team with anti-materiel fire to keep the team offensive. Letting me float between roles, give the rest of the team less to focus on as a fight processes from start to finish, and it frees them up to take more chances that I can then exploit for my own benefit. :slight_smile:


This matches up with what I’ve been using (since I read your explanation of duct-taped mags the other day).

I don’t see the point of attack speed. Bursts fire faster? They are already insanely fast.

I need to finish his lore, but pvp matchmaking has been so awful. Got a little done the other night, but it was so frustrating.

Trust me I thought the same way about atk speed but i decided to test it and damn…the enemy won’t even know what’s coming at them. The faster you’re able to shoot someone the faster you’ll be able to dps them down. Even better if ur able to constantly land crits on them because before the enemy has a chance to run u can land a couple of more crits faster and possible kill them.

by the time you have your Ult, spawn times will be close to long enough where you can kill a montana or somebody like that and by the time they spawn and get to the center your Ult will be close to up if you are not playing incursion. I’m done with this argument though. I disagree with your choices and I think your whiskey build would be very easy to nullify. But I guess that’s why they have different options as not everybody is going to agree. Best of luck.

If I get a chance today I’ll post some pictures I have since I been running this build and my success. I’ll try to use the games where there were a majority of premade 100’s or a balance team with me running by myself. And if possible I might post a video of me playing with this build to give a better understanding of why I run it.

I wouldn’t run this particular build personally but you’ve explained the “whys” well and I’ll :+1: all fellow Whiskeys. Also I’m coming for all of you. There can only be one :slight_smile:

(I’d post my build but I’m too lazy to explain my choices and I don’t think it helps if I just say “Pick these I like it”. Also something about Trade Secrets)

I tried recoil reduction and i just didn’t like it. It didn’t give me the bite I was looking for. For the most part my bullets where consistent. I was running the anti-motion device on top of my WF legendary and the recoil didn’t do much difference for my crits. Maybe because of where I am but that garunteed damage did it for me.

I run WF legendary, Skill damage/attack speed, and attack damage/more attack damage on crit hit and it’s what gives me the most damage. Outside of a symbiotic gauntlet but I don’t usually run 2 legendaries with Whiskey unless it’s Outskirts right now.

Made a video for visual interpretation of this guide, check it out! I was kinda in a rush to make the video and forgot to mention the attack speed portion. Anyways it’s a bad ass vid for a bad ass guide to make you bad ass.

Or you play him with his reputation he has. By tjat I mean everybody thinks he is a free kill. So it’s easier to bait them long into your territory. And you keep them away with knife then knockback scrap and shoot if they are melee.

I do it multiple times in every match with Whiskey.

On console.

I’ll be seeing my award in the mail, right?

Oh as far as the 4 round burst thing is concerned, you know it gimps not only your normal clip, as you are left with a 2 round fire at the end of every clip, but that same 2 round fire also makes it less desirable to fire down to an empty magazine for his legendary effect?

Man, I really don’t want to sound rude, but you should really just make this your signature to save yourself time, because you say it in every single thread you post in.

I need footage hombre, FOOTAGE!

Nice vid, lots of nice kills. I just wish it was against teams that had a clue so that I could get a better example. So many “wtf are you doing out there” moments that just would never happen against good teams. Definitely some nice damage output though

Lol, I know. It’s true though, they were all secret buffs from GBX and I noticed them over the course of time. Just wished I had taken some screenshots of them.

The team with the Toby and Thorn and the last team were all pretty good actually just the clips i used did them no justice. The incursion one and the team with deande however weren’t as good which led to the results of me getting 19-2 and i think 6-0

That’s usually how assassination kills go, making the opponent not appear as good as they are with such quick kills

Here’s a full match of me using this setup. I cut alot of the filler out (running, wait times etc) so the video can be smaller but the idea is still there. Check it out!