Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Question

Can someone tell me if a Grounded Whiskey Tango Foxtrot protects against its own IEDs?

I find conflicting info about it. Maybe if someone has it and can test it…?

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I don’t have one to test. But Theres a thread about it which says it doesn’t protect you.

No it just prevents dots.

Okey dokey. :confused:

Would a Skin of the Ancients with Shock resistance help, or is that DOT also?

This thread? Before the shield fix, this didn’t make much difference (since it’s electrocution damage wasn’t working right, and the shock damage is what will get you). The Transformer, however, makes you immune to the shock boosters’ damage entirely if that’s an option.

Skin of the Ancients will still let you take shock (not electrocute) damage.

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Yes that’s the thread. Been awhile since I read it ,but I thought it was by you.

Interesting! Great read, thanks!!

I finally got a grounded WTF (I know it doesn’t really matter, I just like Grounded shields) and a Slag Rabid Shredifier. After rewatching the fun you have in your video, I was thinking about using the two of them on my Zer0 to crush some mobs, see how it works out.

Any thoughts?

Don’t get yourself killed! :laughing:

Seriously though, I played it with Axton to give it the grenade-based buffs. With Zer0, you get Death Mark and Ambush to buff those orbs. For close-up enemies, I’d wait until the shock booster fired, toss my hologram at it (to keep the enemies within range of the boosters), hit them with kunai (to apply Death Mark and hopefully land some slag), and get the heck out of there, lurking in disguise for the Ambush bonus.

I don’t use Death Mark, Though I should probably respec as I do use my Kunai a good bit.

I’m more of a Run & Gun Zer0. I Snipe when possible and melee very rarely, mostly as a joke or to aggro.

When I started I was a Sniper Zero, but after getting DPUH and Twister I found it a lot more comfortable to dip and dodge while taking advantage of all his buffs.

Wait, what? That’s… Unusual, to say the least. If there’s one Zer0 skill that everyone would say it’s essential to every build, be it melee, sniper or gun focused, it’s Death Mark. Specially in combination with Death Blossom. The main purpose of Death Blossom is actually applying Death Mark from a distance. One could say it almost makes no sense to have Death Blossom without Death Mark. They’re supposed to be used together and most of Zer0’s damage output comes from it. I think I never seen a reliable Zer0 build or playstyle that doesn’t use both. I mean, it’s an 80% damage buff from all sources on every marked target. How could you say “no” to that? You’re severely crippling your Zer0’s damage output by skipping that skill. So, yeah… You really should respec.



The actual in game description says you must make a melee attack, and I don’t make melee attacks. This makes it literally useless.

As an old school D&D and RPG player, the Kunai would be classified as a ranged attack, and no where (that I have seen) in game classified the Kunai as melee.

Thus no Death Mark.

Now that I know it though…

The kunai from Death Blossom apply Death Mark. It’s right there in the skill description. Both Death Mark and Death Blossom aren’t very useful when used separately, but when you put them together, it’s one of the cornerstones of Zer0 gameplay for all kinds of builds. It really makes no sense to use them separately, but even then, I would still favor Death Mark over Death Blossom. I also don’t play melee and Death Mark proved to be very useful while leveling up, even before I got my kunai. What really surprised me was the fact that you have Death Blossom, but don’t have Death Mark. I suggest you respec and start using both skills together. It will considerably increase your damage potential.

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I never really noticed that last line, or didn’t put it together. shrug

It hadn’t been a big hurdle to me really. With the DPUH & Sheriff’s badge I do a significant amount of damage already. Couple that with a good shield and B0re and you can do massive damage as is.

I will respec though.

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Besides the damage bonus, it can help track some invisible enemies if they disappear while marked. :thumbsup:

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Ok so I respec’d, and I have one question.


I made it to OP6 before relying on slag from anything other than my Kunai, and now after getting to OP8, and killing Hyperius hundreds of times, I found out about this!

This was the first time I killed Hyperius before his shields fully came up! (Only once out of 20 times)

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That’s what I’ve been wondering ever since I read your post saying that you didn’t have the skill, lol. Told ya it would make a difference. Kudos to you for making it this far without it.

Heh, thanks, it explains why once I got to UVHM and everything was at or above level I had to step up my game so much.

Though I think it made me a better player. :slight_smile:

Gearbox should have a challenge of completing OP8 with no skills purchased. Kinda like a uber Geary quest.

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I totally sympathise - I’m so lousy at understanding skill trees! And I missed for ages the connection between death mark and death blossom. D’oh! I didn’t actually start working out what skills and gear really achieved until endgame, much of which can be put down the the advice of forum users here. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I didn’t understand parts and prefixes until I joined the forum, but I’ve been min/maxing my skills since I hit lvl 50 for the first time almost 3 years ago.

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