Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Shield: yay or nay?

Seriously…WTF is up with this shield? I just have to know…does anyone actually use this shield? Every time I look at this shield I go down the checklist of bonuses and it seems to fail every one. Capacity? meh. Resists? meh. Damage output? laughable.

I see a lot of variants of this shield but they always look so bad I feel like it’s a waste of time to even equip one. Is there something I’m missing with this shield or is this a bona fide trash tier item for everyone?


I still wouldn’t say it’s top tier, but the little minefield gimmick is a hoot. I do wish it was as aggressive as the BL2 version, but I hit it.

I have avoided this shield i can’t get over it killing me a thousand times in bl2

I used it once I don’t quite remember but I think the explosions from booster can generate extra grenades with Moze motd, but yeah that’s the kind of thing you use purely as experiment/fun value

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Agree with the overall consensus here. Its okish. I dont ignore it like the rough rider or impaler, but it isnt anywhere near the scale of a good StopGap, ReCharger, OldGod, Tansformer, BackHam, 0.m or in the right build FrontLoader

It is a fun shield to use if you are just screwing around.
The IEDs are hilarious when enemies stumble into them.
But … it will kill you more often than the enemies. At least the BL2 version.
Though I did kill myself a few times with the BL3 version as well.