Whiskey's Complete Lore Picture


I am confused. Why are you showing the the lore picture for.

You have to complete it to actually see it…

Just showing it to people that haven’t completed yet or just wanna know what it looks like.

Oh ok. It seems like if somebody have not completed the lore it would be a major spoiler to me. Good thing I already got all Whiskey’s lore last week.

Well I hope the thread title would prevent people from wanting to see it if they haven’t yet.


Thank you for showing this. WFTs Lore challenges are hard and for someone who doesn’t PvP that much, I was never going to see this.

So thank you.

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Its also definitely interesting because that Police OM skin if probably a tier 2 or 3 skin. I know someone has found it on a bot once. I wonder how many lore wallpapers use skins of other characters to portray new ones.

It sucks, that 3 of his lore tasks are PvP only and also depending on luck (killing OM 25 times, so you need to have him in a match first, and then he is your priority target, which might hamper tactical approaches), while other characters have all their lore being able to complete in either PvP and PvE.