Whiskey's Kit: improvements

Lemme say, I love me some Foxtrot. He’s a fun character with interesting lore… but his kit feels unrefined. A lot of his abilites make him feel like a defective Mike unit (which, while great characterization, is lame). Whiskey’s Passive provides less damage less frequently, his grenade does less damage and requires higher level (in match AND character level) to get persistent AoE. And his ultimate is basically Mike’s normal attack. There’s just a lot of wasted potential in Whiskey.

But enough bellyaching. Here are a few ideas to improve Whiskey. I’ve based these on his own in-game quotes and lore, tried to limit myself to easily implemented suggestions, and nothing that would be too powerful. Also hoping to fulfill the “assassin” tag on his character page a little better.


  1. “You don’t live this long being easy to kill”
    -Exchange Killer Regen with Combat Rhythm. Yes, make regen his default passive. This would give him a much stronger early-game by keeping him in the fight. It fits perfectly with his concept of being an old, hard to kill trooper.

  2. “If this doesn’t kill you, well… the tetanus probably will”
    -Add a poison DoT to his Scrap Cannon. Total damage should be increased a bit (to offset unstacking-dots) This would help his Assassin role by not only increasing the overall damage on fleeing enemies, but preventing any of that pesky shield regen. It also works as an anti-cloak, as they’ll still be sizzling green.

  3. “Here, have some useless crap I found” … “Scrap-SPLOSION”
    -Swap out Napalm with shrapnel (scrapnel?). Instead of flames, his grenade(s) would leave a bunch of random pointy debris on the ground. The damage can remain the same, but with a short Slow effect. Again, this would help his assassinations while also helping to differentiate him from Mike.

One minor Quality of Life change: can we just hold to fire? It can still be 3-round bursts, with the delay between bursts baked in. My left mouse button would thank you.


Thoughts? Suggestions? Wry witticism?


First suggestion I support, although Regen would need to be toned down from the skill. The second one, a bleed effect could work, definitely not poison though, but his Lv6 Mutation should stay the same in my opinion. DEFINITELY change how you fire though

Some very good ideas! Poison DoT might be a tad overkill, but I wouldn’t say no. Changing his passive to his health regen would be great too.

I feel like he should be able to zoom in slightly further than Oscar Mike when ADS (without Scope Helix Upgrades). His firearm serves to be a more mid-long range weapon, so being able to see slightly further down the lane would be nice. Don’t chance the zoom for his scopes though.

I love Foxtrot in PvE but man I suck with him in PvP lol. I like what you suggested but I am far from average with him so I can’t criticize it at all. I will say that the firing needs to be held down, and that GBX needs to remove “clip” and replace it with “magazine”. ■■■■ kills me…

Eh, I’ve been playing as him alot the last couple of days. The only thing I feel that needs tweaking is his rifles accuracy, so the red dot sight can become a choice aswel, instead of having to use the scope for his accuracy to be good.

I’m honestly not sure how I should feel about being able to keep the button down to get into the next cycle of burst. Dunno, that strikes me as odd. Then again, I’m used to Dahl and Jakobs in Borderlands 2.

That clip v magazine thing kinda bugs me too… especially because they got it RIGHT in the skill title: “Duct-Taped Mags”

The full regen might be too much at level 1 … maybe. Could scale it to level if needed.

Is there any difference between bleed and poison, functionally? I’m not particularly married to either one, but thought the poison would be a bit more amusing immediately after he warns you about possibly getting tetanus.

Aside from it being shorter, Im not entirely sure. Caldarius has a bleed effect and Id imagine it provides a debuff also.

Iirc bleed prevents healing only, nothing else; whereas poison is DoT

If he feels defective like a defective Oscar Mike play Oscar Mike, there are plenty of us who think he’s a better version of Oscar Mike. Whiskey’s passive provides less damage modifier, but in combination with Swiss Cheese it adds up. His Grenades do less damage, but they have a higher initial range and can be modified in different ways expecting them to be the same skill is trying to homogenize Whiskey and Mike into the same character where if you have a problem with how Whiskey is yet again there is Mike. His Ultimate is basically Mike’s standard attack except it does more damage has a larger clip and can be modified to completely ignore shields the latter fits his Assassin tag quite well since he can easily kill those who return to combat with full shields, but low life. His Shield Pen skill gives him 50% shield penetration on his Tactical Rifle which also fits his Assassin tag even a Sticky stuck a character in it’s current iteration stuck to the back of a fleeing character especially with Weighed Down can easily result in the death of said fleeing character. Swiss Cheese has a marking effect which can alert to the team to an enemy trying to flee while stealthed because they have low life, also fitting of an Assassin tag.

  1. His passive being damage along with Swiss Cheese give him extremely high Damage at level 3 (I’m counting his scope as a means to improve his basic attack as Scoped Up improves his ranged damage or even Red Dot Sight gives him a higher fire rate so I’m well aware Swiss Cheese is a level 2 skill) with his Tactical Rifle switching it to Killer Regen as a passive takes away his early damage capabilities already being a late game paced character.

  2. Shield Scrapper I’m pretty sure is never taken changing it to some sort of DoT might make it a possible augment to take, but considering Swiss Cheese reveals cloaked enemy and is fine (at most could stand a slight duration buff) he doesn’t need something that makes one of his current mutations more or less moot.

  3. Both are lines said with his Scrap Cannon they have nothing to do with his Sticky Grenades and removing Napalm would take away his major selling point he has over Oscar Mike which is to create multiple off limit’s areas. Now I realize you said damage can remain the same, but adding a slowing effect to the Napalm damage is over kill and considering he doesn’t need a buff, buffing him now would have people complaining about him then he’d be hit with a nerf afterwards which could completely change him for the worse. If you want to help him with assassinations simply do ONE of the following A) Add an effect that prevents shields from regenerating while stuck, given the fuse time currently enemies that would die from the Sticky Grenades stuck to them can live due to their Shield regenerating B) Reduce the fuse time on his Grenades a bit which would do two-fold give you a little more burst damage where allies can’t kill the minions before your grenade goes off denying you exp and give them less opportunity to recover their shields while fleeing.

Guns in other shooters need to be fired repeatedly there is no reason to make his weapon a clone of Oscar Mike’s weapon which is what would happen if you could simply hold it to fire. Jakobs weapons in Borderlands had to be pressed each and every bullet, you should be grateful you get 3-4 per click with Whiskey and if you want a full auto then you have Oscar Mike for that


Agree with Jotunn and Dweller on certain things; hence the likes, but otw to work atm so will have to say as to why and about what later.

Wf is better than mike
His dps is better not includin his passive but including mikes.
Grenade does the same damage mike gets that aoe effect early but guess wf can make 3 pools of it.
His ult is mike gun this means me laugh so much it does double the damage its a 1v1 beast.
Killer regen best helix 22 health per second for killing a minion.
Has someone who thought the same as you 5 days ago i will say play him more got him to got him to rank 15 and finish top in kills and minion and kick mike player so hard all the time he does not need a buff people just need to learn how to play him.

So basically I can agree with Jotunn about possibly making the napalm also scrap as far as aesthetics go to fit with the whole differentiating the 2 clones aspect. ( I mean WFs gun is heavily modified to begin with)

I’ll agree with Dweller in that WF lives up to his Assassin title if you play him as such, but as they said; if you play him wanting more like OM, then play OM.

I will say though that before I played enough of WF I did wonder why OM has the cloak while not being the Assassin, but then I remembered you don’t have to be stealthy to excel at assassination :open_mouth: