Whiskey's passive is a bit too situational if you ask me. What do you all think of my rework of it?

As mentioned in the thread title, I, personally, think that Whiskey’s passive is a bit too situational to be reliable (this applies to PvP only, his passive is god-tier in PvE). Here’s an example of what I mean: in order for his passive to be useful at the beginning of a teamfight, you would have to kill a minion, Kleese rift, giant shard, etc, first in order to activate it. This, obviously, is not always the optimal thing to do, as the time you spend doing that is time you could have spent shooting at the opposing team. If I had to guess, I would imagine that they intended for Whiskey to get a kill during teamfights, and then use his passive to chain together successive kills. However, for those of you who have played Whiskey, I’m sure you can agree it doesn’t always work out that way due to its rather short duration. With that prelude out of the way, here’s my idea for a rework of his passive.

(TL;DR starts here)

Combat Rythm: Whiskey Foxtrot gains 1.5% attack damage, up to a maximum of 30%, for each second he remains in combat (combat counts as either dealing or taking damage) and maintains it for 5 seconds after exiting combat.

What do you guys think of that? I think it would be an excellent way to make his passive less conditional / situational while also giving Whiskey the ability maintain his attack damage boost for as long as he remains in combat, removing the feeling of urgency you have when you realize you only have 10 seconds to do as much damage as possible before your buff fades; thoughts / comments?

I like the rework, but it takes a VERY long time to get to full stacks.

I’ve never had an issue with his passive, tbh. It’s easy to get a minion kill and then turn around and melt someone with him… but I can see how it can be an issue for you.

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I just think he should have more control over when it’s active if that makes sense. He technically can “control” when it’s active by simply killing something, as you said. However, there won’t always be something you can easily proc it off of nearby. I guess I just want it to be more consistent.

hehe, It’s not situational at all, It counts on minion kills too.

I promise you it’s fine as is. If he gets a rework, it should be to his ult. With the way I build Whiskey Foxtrot, it’s more or less useless.

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Really? Even against Kelvin? I always thought with crit and attack damage it was a monster

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Yeah, but if you use reload and attack speed gear, paired with duct taped mags, you can deal tons of dps without the long reload time after the ult. Not to mention without the cooldowns.

Overdrive is worthless in most combat situations because of it’s recoil, the callout, and how fast people can run. When I could deal the dps without revealing my position, and without the wind up or wind down animations, it’s just not worth it.

The only time I use WF’s ult is when I’m trying to melt a sentry shield, because imo, that’s all it’s good for.


Huh. I’ll have to reevaluate. And I already use reload and speed so that works well

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Of course, this also depends on your fighting style, and aim. I’ve got about 70% average accuracy and I play behind the tank and in front of the sniper, so I can pump out dps without taking a lot of heat.


(Kelvin looks at ambra and quickly looks back, I single tear runs down his cheek and promptly freezes)


How do you feel about red dot? I’ve used it once in a particularly roaming Outskirts match and it worked out okay (that poor Montana. I killed him 10+ times because he has never seen a WF before)

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I’m not a fan, personally.

Red dot is for close to mid range combat, and Whiskey doesn’t have an escape utility like Oscar’s “oh sh*t!” button, so running scope and staying at range gives me more time to react if we lose the team fight.

I use it when I play OM once every blue moon. OM still sucks, btw.


Yes. This is true


I’m not sure why people thought he was good, even before the AoE nerf. His early game was alright, but he stopped being relevant around mid game.

At least in my experience, if an OM did well, it was because they snowballed with nothing but early game heroes and won before level 6.

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I dont think he was bad at all. Seemed fine throughout the entirety of a match and was really fun to play

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I’m a Whiskey main.

It’s half a joke, and the other half is salt.

I killed that f*cker 25 times 2 months before they changed the lore challenges. I don’t care about Oscar’s pre-nerf AoE, I care more about that goddamn instant escape move.

If you use that cloak when a tank is entering lane, or a ton of AoEs are going off, it’s next to impossible to track his ass.

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To be fair, he had everything going for him but CC. And the games best wave clear. Now no one ever plays him. And no one cares


To be fair, OM had great wave clear and that was before minions got stronger as the match progressed. He could always clear minions at any stage of the match.

I’m not saying he’s great or even good now but back in the day he was decent.

I care! I actually really miss playing him. Actually I miss being able to have area denial in general. All the aoe wave clear is just kinda meh now. I would really like to see a buff to all the napalms and what not, Or perhaps actually have there damage scale when you lvl


You’re the first person to voice that sadly. He was kinda fun. Certainly unique. But I have his lore done so I don’t care too much and he’s not my main, that’s for sure

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is there a way to know when you actually have combat rhythm and when it goes away? Like, is there an aura or color that comes when you have it and when you don’t?