Whisky Foxtrot DID more damage?

I was looking at some of the information on the official website. Noticed Whisky Foxtrot’s rifle may have originally did somewhere around 65 damage per bullet instead of the 35-39 we see today.

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sounds like it would be too much maybe an inbetween as regardless of accuracy his pure bullet dps is lack luster

That would be ridiculous.

His crits would be insane haha.

His crits where displayed doing 77 damage.

I mean, yeah its a bit much. But on console especially getting reliable critical hits has always been my struggle with WF.

His base damage has to be increased to 43-48. Maybe even into the 50s like Rath. But I think that might be a bit too much, so I think 43-48 is probably a safer bet. Whisky is probably the worst “Skirmish” Character in the game right now. But 65? I would indeed say that’s a bit much. He’s more of a pusher right now, who’s EXTREMELY squishy.

And lets be fair, WF isn’t even good at pushing.

Hahahaha that is so true

Whiskey needs his level 6 Helix, with attack speed gear, maybe cooldown.

Once Whiskey gets his 3x Bomb, Napalm, and 20% cooldown, he is really good at pushing and “assissinating” Elite Bots and Thralls.

The thing is every1 gets the wrong idea about how to play WF. You can’t sit somewhere and expect to shoot and kill.

1 tip: HIP FIRE and embrace close quarters combat and remember to apply +dmg from scrap.

The only time where you want to aim down sight and shoot while standing still is when some1 is running away from you with low health or when you have your ulti up. MOVE MOVE MOVE

But ALWAYS - close quarters combat and do not forget to use the tactical knife.

Buff to tactical knife? Increased damage to targets below 30% health and on kill with knife turn invisible?

One of my least favorite chars… probably needs a bit of buff.