Whisky Lore Completion

Just want to collect some other opinions, because I’m thinking there could be some fixes. Just a style issue, but still… :wink:

Do you think its (compared to others) its very hard to complete his lore?

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At least it’s unfair compared to others…

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Yea, but it’s on the close side of unfair. None of Whiskey’s challenges are hard, only tedious. The knife kills are super easy against enemies in story (swarmers and primal thralls, especially). Same goes for flak off, just grab the extra flak. Oscar Mike is in basically every game. And Critical hits are plentiful.

The numbers are just high.

El Dragon’s is certainly more tedious/hard than Foxtrots in my mind. Seriously 500 melee kills Vs. 1000 minion kills with Dragon Splash. No contest. Also Toby’s double kill lore is REALLY tough. I kinda feel Foxtrot’s lore is just irritating because he seems relatively more underpowered when compared with other heroes especially when you consider his glitches at this point. Once they fix him up he’ll rock house in my opinion.

The only Lore challenge I feel is bad is the “Kill Oscar Mike 25 Times” (The Sticky Nade one was actually really fun, imo)
I don’t like these on any of the characters. At least Oscar Mike is pretty common to run into, but he is still a much stronger character, since WF is literally a faulty Mike. It definitely shows in gameplay too… :sweat_smile:

But I’d really wish these kind of Lore Challenges were removed completely. (Kill X enemy X Times, Kill X Things With X Character on your team X Times, Play with X Character X Times etc… they are tedious and most of them are luck based if you don’t have a 5 man team of your own. I mean just look at Boldurs lore!)

I don’t like any PvP only challenges altogether, since my friends refuse to play PvP. Mainly because of capability issues (not that great tacticians and lack of awareness), secondly the issues with character and team balance the game is currently facing.

I am not very eager to join PvP games alone, while facing gamer teams rather than other randoms as adversaries.

Yeah for me the only really awful oen is Kill OM 25 times. Other PVP challenges are really easy.

Should only take 5 or something IMO

This becomes less true the longer the game is out, as people unlock more characters to play as.
It’s far too tedious (all the “kill X character Y times” ones are).


500 melee kills is annoying as hell. Whenever you play with other people online, they just like to gun things down fast without giving you a chance to finish 'em with melee.

And when you’re playing by yourself and going for melee kills, you run the risk of getting swarmed.

WF doesn’t have the power to really shut down OM fast enough before he pulls his invis and runs away.

El Dragon’s primary method of attack is melee attacks which are fast a powerful. I don’t think you understand how slow and annoying it is for WF. Not to mention that the Dragon Splash is VERY powerful. El Dragon lore is quite a bit easier than WF’s.

Aye. In my opinion every part is annoying more or less in his lore… it might be that other chars have equally anoying parts (Toby for example, yea) but I am missing some balance here too. Lets say one part is PvP only for every character, the rest is PvE (or just using class machanics anywhere) or something. E.g. Orendi I didnt even notice that I finished her… just played a few missions and done.

In solo I finished 500 melee kills in 2.5 runs and it was incredibly easy because I’d crit practically every enemy with the quick melee. It also doesn’t have a specific enemy type so you could do it in any map (you could just go to The Algorithm and kill the bugs which spawn infinity and it’ll only take you 30-40 minutes. With El Dragon I had to camp Arachnis spawns for 3 100 minute matches because only minion kills count. Sure it’s powerful and typically 1 shots enemies, but it has a 16 second cooldown and you typically can only get 2-3 kills with it at a time while you can literally spam Foxtrots melee and murder everything.
Maybe I’m just really good with the quick melee though IDK.
As for the OM kills and crits, you are almost always guaranteed to fight a Mike in PvP and crits on Heroes isn’t too hard. Sure Foxtrot isn’t as powerful as Mike and he probably needs work, but I personally find El Dragon lore a much greater challenge.

Idk, I’ve seen fewer and fewer OM. I think more people are branching out and discovering new favs.

Maybe if I played more Meltdown maps…

That does make sense. I still tend to run into quite a few on Incursion trying to use the map exploits, but I haven’t seen many on Capture of late…

The 500 melee kills lore was easy. One of the many Challenges that can be accomplished with 30 mins and a solo run of The Algorithm.

RIP Geoff’s babies. Farmed repeatedly by ISICs, Shaynes, Kleeses, and Whiskeys.

I really hate the challenge to kill Oscar Mike 25 times. I’ve been in about ten games just today and Oscar was only in 1 of them. I love playing Whiskey and would like to see this aspect of the lore to be changed. Maybe reduce the number to 15 and allow assists to count towards it - I’ve had kills “stolen” while fighting Oscar and I’d normally never care about such a thing but it’s incredibly frustrating when that happens.


I see lots of Mikes in Meltdown. And some in Capture.

But Meltdown plays to his strengths, so he’s picked often.

I actually have a hard time finding Oscar Mike and when you do he can be hard to pin down not to mention all the potential for people to jack your kill. I have no trouble killing as Foxtrot or dealing damage it’s just making sure you get that specific kill. I would call it frustrating more than unfair it’d be nice if it was assists or kills that way when you do 90% of the damage only to have the final hit jacked by a kill stealing Marquis you don’t want to strangle your own teammates. The same goes for any lore that really requires a pre-made coordinated group, single players really shouldn’t be punished left and right when you already have to deal with randoms instead of competent teams stacking a lore challenge that you’ll likely never get done just playing with randoms is really a slap in the face. It’d be different if it was just some worthless achievement, but when it unlocks something tangible then it really kinda of sucks. (I’m counting the lore and the legendary as something tangible, I’ve never personally cared about getting achievements since they’re not a measure of skill)

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Yeah… assist would me happy as well

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The hardest one to complete is the Kill OM 25 times out of his lore, everything else is pretty simple just tedious. The 500 melee kills can be anything and made me realize that his Melee attack is friggin BEAST (At level one his melee attack does about 125 when his bullet damage is 33). I did a melee critical on a minion for 600. But the best way I did that one was on Algorythme and kill those baby ice bug things (I think they’re called bliss bugs?) after you beat Geoff and unthaw those bots. The bigger ones will keep respawning smaller ones. I went from 88 melee kills to all 500 in about 40 minutes.

As for OM it can be just the luck of the draw. I got a majority of mine from a really bad OM player Cloaking at our gate and just sitting there shooting. I think I got 6 that game alone. Other than that just add sticky grenade that adds damage if stuck to them and put slow on it, as if they cloak the slow will still reveal their position. If you have level 5 it’s a garunteed kill by that moment.

Either making it so Assists count towards the Oscar Mike numbers or let us do these in Private Matches seems to be the only solutions as it is taking painfully long to complete IMO. If he’s in a match, it forces the focus to switch from Objectives to a Manhunt…I dunno, seems off that these types of Lore Challenges exist at all.