Whisky's ult vs sentry in incursion match

So this pretty lackluster ult only has two helix upgrade options. 100% shield penetration or 25 extra shots on the clip. Now, to my understanding, shield penetration would mean dealing damage straight to health and bypassing shields completely at 100% (correct me if I’m wrong here). This upgrade does not seem to work against sentries in incursion matches. I’m either wrong about the shield penetration, it’s intentionally designed not to work, or it’s bugged. Either way I’m not overly impressed :anguished:

It was patched to try and stop the Marquis players who specced into shield pen killing the sentries in about 1 minute, it’s better for the PvP side that way it’s harder for one team to steamroll the other and it lasts longer.

Not to mention the sentries are actually better with the impenetrable shields since it requires lobbies to work together to some degree.

For marquis players that make sense. I’ve wrecked a ton of sentries with him haha.

But that shield penetration is the only thing that makes whisky’s ult even remotely useful. So once again just left having to deal with whisky being made half assed. Maybe they named him after what they were drinking when they were putting together his skills…

Yes I’m salty af lol


What about non-eldrid tanks. That shield pen can rip through the shields of a Shane and Aurox who is harassing a team and a well placed shot (if you use Whiskey as a pseudo-sniper) could probably remove an enemy marquis in moments which is impressive due to how fast you have to be to get marquis before he runs.

As for the ultimate - get the enemy team into a throttle, they bring their mercs so they are all packed into a bottleneck, drop the ultimate and unless 75 (or 100) rounds all down at them. I think a mutator might have an effect on his Ult too.

Yeah, ok… you make good points. I’ll roll a few more matches tonight with it in mind and see if i can make it work for me