Whisky's ult vs sentry in incursion match

So this pretty lackluster ult only has two helix upgrade options. 100% shield penetration or 25 extra shots on the clip. Now, to my understanding, shield penetration would mean dealing damage straight to health and bypassing shields completely at 100% (correct me if I’m wrong here). This upgrade does not seem to work against sentries in incursion matches. I’m either wrong about the shield penetration, it’s intentionally designed not to work, or it’s bugged. Either way I’m not overly impressed :anguished:

For marquis players that make sense. I’ve wrecked a ton of sentries with him haha.

But that shield penetration is the only thing that makes whisky’s ult even remotely useful. So once again just left having to deal with whisky being made half assed. Maybe they named him after what they were drinking when they were putting together his skills…

Yes I’m salty af lol


Yeah, ok… you make good points. I’ll roll a few more matches tonight with it in mind and see if i can make it work for me