'whisper' "I'm rushing BCs!"

“I’m rushing BCs!”

Those are the words I dread to hear! When I host a 3v3 game with random players, it never fails that 3 of them want to be on the same team (buddies who are almost certainly on TeamSpeak). Already at a disadvantage.

Then, when I ask my teammates what they are doing, it’s usually “Rushing BCs!”

That is when I realise we are dead! Last game I played, myself and 1 teammate were fighting to take the center…unfortunately, he had built bombers to fend off enemy interceptors LOL.

The best part was teammate #3 (Ant) who was in the back ‘rushing BCs’. He built 2 gun platforms for his base, an extra carrier…but no actual combat ships to help, you know, win the fight. When I asked him what he was doing, he said “Not sure…”. Worse yet, the enemy had its BCs out and the game was over before Ant could even get a single interceptor out.

I guess Ant figured he could win the game by turtling at his single resource patch…with his 2 gun turrets and extra carrier.

Lol, we’ve all had games like this! Let’s hope there is going to be a ladder system!

*We really need some way of ranking players so we can balance multiplayer games better!

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As far as I’m concerned Mr. Paradox, there NEEDS to be a BC rusher if you scout the enemy and see shipyards being built. Most people do not want to deal with the amount of micro that jumping a carrier fleet requires; usually it’s because they’re not skilled enough. And communicating when your word limit is 5 in the chat can be a hassle for people. I mean, come on, they’re concentrating on the game here!

Hi Selereth!

That’s my point! When a teammate you don’t know whispers “I’m rushing BCs!” it usually = “I don’t do coordinated team tactics/strategies! I don’t have the skills to time jumps/assaults as a team! I don’t like micro-ing battles so I want BCs! I won’t be able to support any attacks/defenses for a while, because most of my $ is going into BCs”.

Sigh, we’ve played on teams…you’ve seen how effective we can be when we put the pressure on right at the start. But the 3rd guy on our team always does the “rushing BCs!” = he isn’t going to help at all. Even though his early effort would have tipped the battle in our favor = win!

What happens is the battle is over…we came oh so close to winning, but the 2 of us fall. Then our 3rd guy eventually comes out with a single BC…and shortly after, the enemy comes out with 3. We could have won early (with all of us working together), or we could have won late (with all of us working together ). But the game always comes down to late game battles because our teammate is “rushing BCs” instead of winning the game right there and then!

It pisses me off!

All we need is a few fighters and corvettes from him to support our attack…but strangers usually don’t care about teamwork!

A Ladder system would be a big help in preventing frustration.

I don’t mind hearing “I’m rushing BCs” as long as it’s on the field when it needs to be. If you’re on my team and ‘rushing BCs’ then there better damn well be a yellow BC on the field before or at the same time as the red one.

I was in a game the other day with an ally rushing BCs. He said ‘look out! They jumped a BC to your MS’

I said “well, where is yours?”

“Still building”

“Oh, well. GG then” and left.

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To be fair, you can’t complain if you have a player on your team who is extremely skilled at rushing BCs (Smokey).

There are two main methods to dealing with an enemy BC rush. The first method is to rush BCs of your own. The second method is to, as you’ve already mentioned, killing the enemy or at least delaying his BC production long enough to overwhelm with other ships.

The reason that most people pick the first option is because they’re under the delusion that strikecraft will simply get shredded by hull defense guns and it takes a while to whittle down an MS with anything smaller than a destroyer. They think that you need a BC in order to destroy a mothership since its a fairly easy solution. “Big ship with big guns, I’ll surely win now!!”

Taking out the advanced research module, for example, delays ship production and costs the enemy another 2250 to rebuild (most BC rushers tend to play Hiigaran). If you don’t have the power to blow up their Mothership, simply delay until you can muster adequate forces to do so.

True, Smokey is excellent at that…but if that was all he was = it would do us no good!

Smokey, however, is able to still provide some support while he builds his BC. Once he has it, he looks at the situation and THEN PERFECTLY jumps his first BC to where it will do the most good.

Smokey = team player who coordinates!

What happens with most strangers who “rush BCs!” = they don’t support any attacks/defenses at all! Once they get their first BC, they either A) wait for the 2nd and 3rd BC to come out (while their 1rst one could have won the game) or B) jump it (without any input from teammates) to some useless or suicidal position.

Also, I find that there are actually 3 ways of dealing with BC rushers:
-1) smash them at the start/middle game with strikecraft/corvette/frigates/destroyers
-2) get BCs of your own
-3) steal their BCs with salvage corvettes or marine frigates (this one takes actual teamwork!)

During the weekend, myself and another player worked very well together. We actually allowed the enemy to come out with BCs, just so we could steal them.

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Scrap all your Bc’s I’ve met couple of players most likely former hw1 or hw2 vets and then they asked “how’s the plan?” I always recommended in 3vs3 1 builds fighters wventually corvettes - 1 corvettes eventually frigs and one going straight for caps destroyers then Bc’s with fighter corv support in between. So far I won every game with this strategy… Synergy means everything in this game due to the dice based system.

You could come with twice the amount of some unit type and you would still lose if there’s no support to counter certain things…

Agreed! Teamwork and synergy is HUGE!

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Teamwork is OP. Nerf please.


Haha! Come now ratamaq, you know you enjoyed it in our match the other day :smile:.

On a more serious note though, whenever you come across people that aren’t as experienced with the game it would be better to try give them advice rather than sit back and observe until the situation deteriorates to the point where you need to create a thread to vent frustration :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: .

I’m assuming of course that you didn’t try to recommend an alternative strategy to them as you didn’t mention it in your post. Remember not everyone has the same experience with the game.

I’m sure we’ll see improvements with time…I hope.

Wait, is this a ‘bc build sucks’ thread?

In the middle of all the ‘bc is op’ stuff?

But yeah, random games are not much fun for most people, as skill differences are huge right now.