White Elephant Unforgiven Melee Amara Build (6m dmg+ in 1 melee hit)

Ok so I tried the relic, the stickies get boosted by the unforgiven crit damage. Nough said. It wrecks. I’ll be updating the save and build. Will credit you on both. Thanks!

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That’s a very interesting combo, guess I’ll have to get my hands on an Unforgiven.

Happy to hear :blush:


Is there a big difference between area of effect and splash damage? Or would either be fine for a face puncher/white elephant centric build?

Area of Effect is pretty much the same as Splash Damage from my testing, its additive with Splash Damage after testing it on Kevin for a few hours.

While I have you here, as from my own testing illuminated fist doesn’t imbue face puncher with elemental damage, only your punching correct? If you want face puncher to do elemental you need infusion?

I really don’t understand why the Facepuncher cant crit.

Yep, you need infusion sadly, it’s a great damage increase however.

Imbue melee with element does however add elemental on top right? Gah, I need a imbue melee with fire white elephant and a training dummy, there’s stuff I wanna try lol. Thanks again for the question answering and all the testing you’ve done.

Mind trading me that Unforgiven? Your save file was set to hidden

I deleted some of my comments to avoid confusion after the build was edited

So um… I… uh found out that the best melee weapon for White Elephant is the Unforgiven if you can hit their head or crit spot while holding the Unforgiven, once that bomb explodes its guaranteed death on any enemy, even badasses with 3 different health bars die instantly to the crit explosions that deal like 1 to 2 million damage on average or over 6 million if it’s an element matching their weakness, I use buttplug for trash mobs and switch to Unforgiven for Badasses and Anointed enemies and they just go from full health to dead in an instant, this ■■■■■ hilariously fun and powerful. Requires some skill but once you get the hang of it it becomes very easy to hit their heads with melee. The Unforgiven makes this relic miles better than the Unleash The Dragon relic, gonna go farm for an Unforgiven with 125% splash damage after action skill use, that’s gonna ridiculous af. Tried using Buttplug to apply sticky bombs and then switching to Unforgiven before they explode and it does a decent bit more damage, but it’s very clunky to try during mobbing and just not worth it tbh as you’ll most likely die trying to swap and you’ll basically be losing valuable time you could use to just keep attacking to stay alive, I settled with using Buttplug on trashmobs for more initial damage from melee and I won’t bother aiming for the heads and then I’ll switch to the Unforgiven when fighting a badass enemy or anointed enemy and aim for the heads and this has given me much faster kill times and is much more fluid as I’ll pretty much just instantly delete any tanky enemies on the battlefield, and swap between weapons accordingly.

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hey, I was linked here, haven’t had the time to read everything, but the unforgiven combo seems nice,
still I found for normal run around looten shooten, I like anything but the sticky much more, lifesteal with planetoid or static charge is way smoother and dont take as much random factor in, if I even really need the lifesteal,
dragon I really dont like the more I use it… its to often ineffective…
so most of the time I just use a melee elemental relic with planetoid or static charge, this gives enough damage to one shot any enemy or two shot a badass, it is fast a quick and clean, no waiting for explosions.
I rarely go down anyway because of all the damage reduction and fast killing, but even if I go down for a second I have gurdain angel or I just shoot a guy and get back up.

for bosses I just switch to lifesteal sticky if I really need it, but Ill try the unforgiven combo later :slight_smile:

also I just use shooting star to farm graveward, which is way easier and the most relaxed way to farm right now for me

That’s crazy. Ok I’ll update the build again.

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I think we officially broke the game with this setup

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Yup, we’re making melee Amara history right here lol

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That’s fine, everyone has different preferences, but after using a Knife Drain Commander Planetoid it still takes much longer to kill badasses with multiple health bars on the Slaughter Shaft, I’ve found that the White Elephant while inconsistent still ends up killing tanky enemies much faster than Commamder Planetoid, the only reason why maybe it isn’t for you is the very specific gear and playstyle requirements (getting splash damage rolls on gear, using splash damage anointed bonus on gun instead of melee, aiming for crit spots, and constantly swapping weapons) I will admit though that the Commander Planetoid is more smooth as it doesn’t require the use of so many different mechanics, just punch, slam, and have fun.

yeah thats exactly what I am saying :slight_smile:

EDIT: I now know why I was linked, and no the grenades do NOT hurt you, it was a early bug(?) but it does not anymore, edited in my thread.

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So they used to deal self damage, that explains the confusion and misinformation then.

I have been looking for a white elephant wish area damage for a few days bow with no luck.