White Flashes on Screen

Issue with BL2 and new PC. BL2 is on Steam.

First off BL2 ran flawlessly on my old PC, running a RTX 2080, so I can eliminate monitor and display port cables. Ran BL3 on new computer, running at DX 12, to work the GPU more. Issue doesn’t happen in BL3. Only BL2.

New PC, after about 20 minutes of playing, I get white flashes on my screen. More like objects flash white.

I play at 1440P. PC specs are as follows:
RTX 3080
AMD 5600 X
16 GB of ram
1TB NVME2 Samsung SSD.
All drivers updated.

What I’ve tried to do:
Change DP cables. Same issue, no matter if it’s a 1.2 or 1.4 DP cable
Remove and re instill video drivers.
Remove and reinstall BL2

Video of my issue:

Issue solved. After someone pointing out it was a possible texture issue, on another forum. I was able to find a thread from 2012 and followed their fix. All I did to fix it was change AF X4 to AF X8.


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