White gear only vs Crawmerax. The Final-ish Challenge!

(I can win! I feel great! I CAN DO THIS!!) #1

Killed craw using only white gear. This means I cannot use class mods, grenade mods, or a masher of any kind because they will not spawn that low of rarity. I think I have proved 2 things. One: that I have officially made craw my personal bitch. and two: You are super OP in this game compared to bl2 lol. Especially in OP levels.

(kills Craw with Knoxx's Gold) #2

Nice! That craw maggot was very accommodating to you…ignoring you most of the fight?

Now do it on PT2 Craw and 4-player mode :slight_smile: Probably won’t be much different, just longer…

(I can win! I feel great! I CAN DO THIS!!) #3

I mean if I got similar spawns, (all purple) yeah it would be doable. But yeah tedious too.

Also I haven’t figured out a way to actually prove to people I am using 4 player mode honestly. I guess if I did windowed mode on bl1 that might show that I am using it. Other than that I guess just have 4 of you guys sit in my lobby or something.

(kills Craw with Knoxx's Gold) #4

Craw gives a different exp total depending on player count…at least, I think so. It’s been a while.

(Geomason) #5

Badass as always …you!