White lines when strafing past corners

Everytime I strafe or turn past a corner vertical white lines have suddenly started appearing next to the corner as it loads the image. This happens everywhere and only started tonight after ateast 27 hours of play with no issues like this before. Wondering if anyone has any ideas for a solution? Checked other games and it’s only Borderlands 3 that is having this issue with my pc.

My pc details are Ryzen 3600 cpu, radeon 5700xt gou, 16gb ram at 3200 on a b450 tomahawk motherboard. I’ve tried changing all graphics settings, turning off overclocks, verifying game cache etc. Nothing has worked and it will totally ruin the gaming experience of it’s not sorted. I’m not sure if it has something to do with tonight’s update/patch but it seems to have coincided with that.

See an example in the following video. Sorry for potato quality but you can clearly see the issue: https://vimeo.com/367620314?ref=em-share

I also noticed that a couple of days ago in that same area, the other areas seem fine.

Initially I thought it was only Eden where this happened but it’s happening on Sanctuary as well. I’ll check tonight to see if it happens in other areas.