Who all Pre-orderd Borderlands 3 for PS4?

So I’m just curious. Who all pre-ordered Borderlands 3 on the PS4. Did you pre-order it physically or digitally? Also which version did you pre-order? Also if you’re looking for fellow Vault Hunter’s leave you’re gamer tag. For the chance to meet and play with fellow Vault Hunters if you so choose.
I myself pre-ordered it digitally as I wanted to jump right in at midnight. I also purchased Borderlands 3 Super Deluxe Edition as I do not want to spend more money later on to have all the paid DLC. My Gamer Tag is: KingXLeonidous you can send me a message or just add me. If you have discord you can also talk to me there. Where all Vault Hunters are welcome. Where you can share stories, talk tips, and meet other Vault Hunters. https://discord.gg/xr6u5pN (Discord link fixed) Lets kick some ass you badasses on the 13th only 7 days to go.( I will be adding everyone who leaves there gamer tag. If i have not replied that i have added you. I will, I never thought this thread would get so many replies. I am trully blown away. Thank you all. Also please check out the Tactica Gaming group. If interested join since joining i have meet an extreamlly humble helpful bunch of people who is passionate about borderlands as a whole. Again i will get you all added if i have not added you yet!)

If you are interested in joining a mature growing community. Who is fun and chill to play with click this link for the information:
Looking for a group of adults to play borderlands 3 with? Look no further
Don’t let the sounds or looks of it scare you. It’s to make sure we get Vault Hunter’s who are respectful and fun to play with. They are a great group of helpful and caring people.

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I preorded the super deluxe digital. My gt is wolfnick23

All of this Playstation mania here makes me suppose, that nobody here will be playing on PC ? I had hoped, the console era would finally cease to exist to such an extensive extend.

My laptop can’t support the game and i don’t have the extra money to get a halfway decent gaming computer. As I have three kids and I already owned a PS4 and i really want this game. If i did have the money to get a gaming computer I would of bought it on it.


I do not question the money side of things, it did not come to my mind actually.
I am under the impression, people just play on playstation because they prefer it. And I always had a hard time understanding why such a preference is made.

I have a loveless past with Playstation 4. For the longest time, I was looking for a gamer and countless of times, I was horribly turned off by the fact, that everyone in germany appears to be a playstation player. Thus, I hold a slight grudge against this damned thing. For I believe, it is the sole reason for why I am unhappy in life.

I purchased the same version as U, for the same reasons. My user tag on ps4 is roland714. Everyone please feel free to join my game anytime as I prefer playing open to public. It’s always fun making new friends. The countdown is on !

I went ahead and sent you a friend request.

i went and sent you a friend request.

Just join the cult. I was a pc gamer who moved to Xbox because freinds not being able to afford a good rig. Now that I’m a night nurse I moved to Ps4 because thats where all the night walkers seem to be.

pre-ordered physical Super Deluxe. Tag is The_Drowen. I’ll be playing solo Moze first time through but it’d be nice to get the bonuses of having friendslist people with the game. When I get to CoS and PG I’ll be looking to partner up.

I went ahead and sent you a friend request.

Preordered the Super Deluxe Edition, physical cause I’m old school and prefer physical media
Planning to main Amara the Siren
PSN is VonStoogiN

Preordered the digital Super Deluxe Edition. Still not sure who I’m gonna play as first.

I went ahead and sent you a friend request.

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i pre-ordered it for PS4. im excited. i dont play things on PC due to lots of lag or lost connection. i only play one game from time to time but even then a good day is not being interrupted.

but yeah, i know first run i’ll be playing with my friend.

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Bought the most expensive version twice, for me and my brother.
Borderlands and the Uncharted games were our biggest brotherly bonding games back when we had to share our PS3.


Why tho? lol
Consoles will hardly die anytime soon.


I pre-ordered the standard digital version and the deluxe version on disc.

I’m in the UK and PSN ID is Mr_Matt.

I got the diamond edition (250 euros in my country) and i’m preatty ■■■■■■■ happy about it tbh.

can’t wait for it to come home.

I bought myself the Super deluxe edition, Amara will be my first choice for senseless destruction.

PSN. Cquintanilla. Ill be sending invites later. I live in sweden, so any UK player, we share kind of same time zone.