Who are you banning in Draft Mode and why?

I have chosen the most controversial characters for this poll. These toons are often labeled as too strong, OP, broken from in-game chat and here on the forums. I know we still don’t have the details on how the ban will be decided but if it was up to you which 2 of these characters would you choose?

My votes would go to Benedict and Galilea. Even though I don’t consider them OP, I do believe they are the 2 strongest in this game. In a pug team, these 2 characters are a real pain to deal with if they are on the hands of skilled players.

  • Galilea
  • Benedict
  • Boldur
  • Ernest
  • Orendi
  • Kleese
  • Ghalt
  • Toby
  • Kid Ultra

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Do you plan to ban other toons not included in this poll? Please share your opinion too!

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For me, depends on the map and mode. Without hesitation, I’d ban Ernest and Kleese in Incursion. In Meltdown, I’d be more inclined to shut down Benny and Boldur. In Face Off, Gali and Orendi. In Capture… hell, just bring it on, I’ll kill 'em all. :wink:


Very good point. I didn’t consider the game mode :confused:

I’m surprised you put Ghalt in this list. I can see a few people banning him because he destroys large target characters but I don’t know if I would say he’s worthy of being initially banned.

I voted Benedict. Because Hawkeye has a base duration of 3 seconds. The other vote would have to be situational. Depending on what my team wants to run and what map we are on.[quote=“EdenSophia, post:2, topic:1552000”]
In Face Off, Gali and Orendi

Orendi just because of @Slif_One’s “Pro strats” am I right?

Nah - we were running Orendi in Face Off before Slif even knew how to play the mode. :stuck_out_tongue: Pillar Storm.

Oh yeah. Slif took a break and came back shortly after Face Off was released. I started playing with him a little while after that.

I still wouldn’t ban Orendi, I’ll take all the squishy targets I can get in a map where they have nowhere to run.

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When you play with a five-person premade in Face Off, Orendi can power level to ten with her four dedicated bodyguards… which can include the likes of Kleese and Attikus. She’s not going to be running even from a badass swordsman like you.:wink: We used to get her to 10 before the second boss fight - and you can still do it, with a bit of luck. God that was carnage.

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Maybe it just comes from my own personal experiences with Orendi and Pillar Storm. I often find myself away from my teammates (flanking the enemy or assassinating individual targets) so I’m very rarely on the receiving end of the worst Pillarstorm has to offer.

Hell, that one game of Incursion I played against you guys I escaped three Pillar Storms from @Ginger_greninja while only being grazed by the Preamble of Pain. And only one of those was an accidental dodge.

Although there was that one game against a Japanese pre-made…

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I’ve faced a total of maybe two competent enemy teams in Face Off, so the Orendi ban is pretty much hypothetical, based on me trying to figure out what the nastiest part of our strategy is. And the triple Pillar Storm reset - before the boss fight, during the boss fight to wipe the team, and then after the boss fight to wipe again at the depot - is definitely up there, haha.

edit: because just to be clear - the OP thing isn’t just Pillar Storm, but that entering and leaving the boss stage in Face Off resets all skill timers.

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I’ve had that on my team so many times that if I was ever against a level 10 Orendi in Face Off I would wait patiently for, “CHAOS REIGNS” before making my move on the depository.

Kinda makes me wonder what it would be like to do some private games and have people actually focus the objectives in a game of Face Off. Would that be much more enjoyable? I think my favorite game of Face Off happened against a team that was running Kleese, Ambra, Kelvin, Thorn and I can’t remember the fifth. They camped the depository and wouldn’t let us deposit, while two of them went and got a few masks. They got a small lead of about 200 before the second boss fight. It was annoying as hell so @lolattheseforums and I decided, “you know what? you can have the depository, let’s go power level”. By the second boss fight lol (Playing Galilea) was level 10 and I (Rath) was level 9. Next closest in the game to us was level 5 so when the second boss fight ended we rushed them and slaughtered them all. We each deposited 200 hundred masks and they surrendered shortly after.

You just described every game of Face Off I have ever played. Except your enemy team made it to level 5, which is impressive. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve even see enemies unlock their alts.

My win-lose ratio in Face Off is like 95% or something disgusting… I really should look it up.

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Most of my experience with it is doesn’t involve the super territorial set up. At least not done as sever as it was in that case.

Could I suggest making a pole for each game mode?

That moment when you only once had a problem with the enemy Benedict, but you had much more problems with the enemy KUs or Boldurs. (3rd one would be Ernest) … [i think Miko should be on this list too]

Never had big problems playing against any Gali out of 1k matches.

I always dislike playing against Boldur in any mode and I really dislike KU if he has a possibility to hit lvl 9, so I voted for those two.

Eden has it right Kleese and Ernest are must bans in the first rotation of Incursion.

Do remember that the enemy side gets 2 bans as well so it’s likely Benny + random dude will get banned as well.

People will just have to remember that if Boldur is in the game you cannot give them Miko.

You guys taught me how to play Face Off, but you had a different strategy back then and I didn’t start running Orendi until I solo queued, Ginger was Shaurox back then I think. Orendi just seemed like the obvious chaoice, if I don’t get her now I rage so hard because they usually die constantly and barely hit level 5, I don’t know how the most basic strategy in existence doesn’t occur to everyone.

KU. I play with Pie a lot, he runs KU to be my bodyguard, double stack drones until he gets four + damage amp and Bola stun to setup kills. Can’t believe I still haven’t gotten a penta yet.

Easily, no luck needed, just a KU support. I run Bola’s Target Finder now too, Pie buys Varelsi spawners while I hoard shards but I still run a wrench for early game when we don’t have a lot of shards to speed up the early leveling. I’m level 10 before the second boss fight probably 8/10 matches, and I still hate FO.

I’ve seen one, and it was while playing with you, two if you count the Shaurox stack during the last Chaos Rumble.

miko should definitely be on the list. a good miko can keep an already OP character alive for an insane amount of time

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Is this going to be for every PvP match? or just Private matches?
I know there will be some upset people who won’t get to play their favorite characters and quit the game if that’s the case.

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Fifth was a Kelvin. I honestly wish every Face-Off match was like that so they could end up being team-wiped several times for running such a cancer comp.

Maybe the regular versus will still be available. Then again, that would also be bad since it further divides players.

I think in draft mode, the devs will have better data to balance those characters most of the community are banning.