Who are you playing as?

Who are you playing as? I’m gonna be mostly using Phoebe ( Because she can teleport ), Orendi ( because Tiny Tina ), Galilea ( Maybe ), and Marquis. @faveveid @Drklordnecro

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Reyna, Ambra, Mellka, Galilea, Deande, Orendi, Thorn and probably a few others. Well, everyone actually, but more some than others , especially those listed. Reyna and Ambra are going to get a lot of playtime.

I have a thing for female characters like orendi who are funny and wacky.
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To answer the OPs queation - Rath. I love him already. He will be my first.

Montana! And no I’m not compensating for something. :dukejk:

Thank you.

I plan on "maining " one character from every faction

Jennerit: Caldarius (“true” main)
Eldrid: Mellka
Peacekeepers: Trevor Ghalt
LLC: probably Marquis? Unless one of the other two steal the show for me
Rogues: Orendi

Caldarius and Benedict are the top two, but Ghalt’s my favourite tank, Galilea looks fun and OM’s pretty cool.

Coolio, actually, I like the idea of having a main from each faction. I’d pick
and Thorn
And that’s my final verdict on who i’ll play as.

I’ll play all the characters. All of th8m. But I’ll def start (and max) with
Caldarius, because hit-and-run and he is my #1 gundam mecha sassy waifu
and Reyna, because she’s such an awesome inspiring character and I’m kinda good at supporting and I was playin her A LOT during CTT.

I don’t know actully. Attikus I thought wasn’t going to be my cup of tea but now I like him
So one from each faction
Montana or galiea
And Attikus

But Im more curios in team combo so if someone pick miko I use a tank

And Thank you for linking me (:

Benedict, obviously.

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need to say more? ;p

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Your welcome!

I’m kinda sad that Galilea’s Abyssal form only last 4 seconds, it should last at least 10, although it could just be so good that it couldn’t last more than 4.

Anyone that made a clan?
If I need to choose a character from every faction I would choose:
Oscar Mike

My list is Galilea, Miko, Mel, and Cal. The last 3 I enjoyed during CTT and imagine I’ll still enjoy the heck out of them.

I will like to wait to see all the available Heroes at Launch before making a decision…as of now I’m interested in;

a fierce fight for first place between Orendi (who I thoroughly enjoyed in the CTT) and Deande (Who I haven’t played but seems like my type of character).

Miko and Reyna will probably be my go-to for when I wish to play Support.

Ambra is the one I plan to use as a “main”. Oscar Mike is a close 2nd. Rath was fun but I didn’t get to play him much in the CTT, he was a very popular choice. I guess I’ll learn to play Miko as well for variety’s sake and I’ll have to give Ghalt a good try, because shotguns.