Who are you playing with? Also hope everyone has a nice weekend

Just wondering who is everyone playing with (Family,Friends,Etc.)

Got my friend to buy the deluxe edition while it was on sale on the Playstation store and he likes it. (Which makes me buying the Season pass actually more worth it.)

Also hope everyone has a nice weekend.


thanks, have a nice weekend too!

well I bought the game because of the couch coop factor, I usually play with my gf in split, after we played the beta and enjoyed this sadly rare feature, I preordered DDE and have no regrets to this day :slight_smile:


Plan to play with the Forum Folks - wickedest crew evaaa!!! :dukeaffirmative:



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Because of the low player count, Solo. :confused:


Mostly solo as well. Or with randoms for multiplayer.

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Well, if the rematch aspect is disabled on PS4 for now, I will find a few people to queue up with so I can get a match in a reasonable time.

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it is one of the few games i can play with my boyfriend. he likes PVP, i like PVE so we just switch between those so both of us are happy. i play with a lot of friends or people i met online (in public queue, instagram or on here) too though :slight_smile:

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Great weekend for all of you too :heart:

I play 99,9% of BB with my fiance. I had…2 missions solo so far, just does not feel the same without him.
We play games together longer than we´re in a relationshiop, all started with Borderlands and HALO-games. When BL2 launched we were already on the hypetrain together, same for BL:TPS.

We were very excited for Battleborn, since for us it ment another badass couch-coop-adventure. (Halo-5 gave us a kick in the teeth in coop-regards…)

For me playing with him is the only freetime I can make in my schedule, aside from lurking here in the forum, so its an important thing in my life. Without Battleborn I might have not taken one free day this year :neutral_face:
(I´m self-employed and I´m the meanest boss ever…)

Battle-Buddies forever^^


Solo-queueing and carrying is the best ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I have this god awful drink mix that probably came here from the sweet hell which I have to consume and Battleborn is going to help me with that.

God I hate alcoholic drinks that aren’t bubbly.

Will be queuing up with whoever’s on I guess.


Yeah, that one blew me away. I just flat-out assumed it would have couch co-op. I was so sad when I found out it didn’t.

It still pisses me of - we bought our XB1 only for Halo-releases. And then that -.-

Now I just want a PS4, but simply can´t afford another console :expressionless:
(PS4 has more BB-forumpeople playing and games like Abzu, Flower, Nier 2, Horizon Zero Dawn + endless list of PS-only titles I´d love to play…)

I´m a freelancing artist and own my own business. Started 2 years ago with it and so I´m still hyper-nervous about it and push me to hard often.
Since I´m alone yet have ALOT of orders & requests I´m often overstressed and work all day & night. Weekends are not really existent since I became my own boss…
My advise: If you are even a slight workaholic - don´t be your own boss. Its more exhausting than one might think.

-fletches muscles and pushes thread back on its rails-


I play with a lot of people. Mostly friends, but I occasionally que with my brother when he decides to play this game again.

PVP - mostly with 3-4 friends from Steam. If there were at least 1k people playing - would gladly play solo-queue too. Now it’s either you play vs a full premade or vs random noobs. Vs random noobs it’s never fun… and if you are playing with noobs it’s even worse playing vs premades.
At least when I play with a team I can enjoy some good battles from time to time. But it’s rare tho (still better than nothing).

PVE - solo. I actually dislike playing missions with others ¯ \ _(ツ) _ / ¯

I just position a whole bunch of mirrors to simulate playing with others; it’s surprisingly effective. However, i have to be REALLY careful NOT to make eye contact with my own reflection, or i’ll become enthralled by it, and lose focus of what i’m doing in-game.

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