Who counters who?!

Could I trouble someone for making a list of at least 2 counters for each character and a brief description of why? I feel like this game is harder than it is because I don’t have enough knowledge on this matter.

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Alani counters everyone.


Due to the highly teamfight-oriented structure of the game, it’s probably easier to list who someone’s better against then their counters. That said, there are some specific ones of note.

Benedict- Phoebe, Ghalt, S&A
With some good aim, Ghalt and S&A are good at taking Benedict from the high places he wants to be and dragging him to the ground. Phoebe is unique for having a teleport, so unlike most other melees she can reach a lot of Benedict’s perches and stop him from overlooking the map, though she still does struggle over flat ground.

Rath- Kelvin, ISIC, Boldur, Galilea, and pretty much everyone with a reliable dash and/or hard cc
The four I listed have a lot of potential range on their cc and it isn’t too difficult to hit, allowing them to get the drop on Rath before he ults and hopefully have their team finish up the kill. That said, if you’re good enough to reliably dodge Rath’s knockup with a dash or hit him with a cc in close range, you’re good to go.

Oscar Mike- Mellka, Caldarius, Rath, Phoebe
Mellka and Cald are listed because they’re both hyper mobile and have a damage over time ability to reveal OM’s cloak, and they’re good at getting in his face and stopping him from pushing the wave all the time. Rath and Phoebe are good against him since he has only his cloak for escape and he can’t outdamage them in close range, so as long as they can get close and keep getting hits in, it’ll be really hard for him to survive since he has no other way to get them off of him.

Kleese- anyone good at dps from long range
Kleese’s massive model and floaty jump make him a prime target for anyone looking to shred him, but he can be hard to hit by melees due to his flight and ability to bodyblock with Rifts. Fortunately, ranged attackers don’t suffer from the problem and can easily force him to back off and kill his Rifts.

Montana, Kelvin, Attikus- Reyna, Marquis
The three of them are Battleborn’s premier tanks since ISIC’s slight fall from grace (and he still counters Reyna and Marquis). Their large models make them easy targets for Marquis to hit from afar, especially since they can’t strike back effectively. They also suffer against Reyna since her Priority Target increases the damage they take, making them a lot less capable of soaking it for their team.

Ranged dps, Reyna- ISIC
The kinda ridiculous power of ISIC’s Reflective Wards makes him counter everyone who wants to hit him from afar since he just bounces their bullets (and Priority Target to be really mean) right back at them. The feeling when ISIC gets a kill with Thorn’s ult is pretty good.

Melee dps- ISIC
He cannot, however, keep himself alive (especially in ult) for long once he’s being besieged up close, since his wards don’t do much to help him and he has almost no choice but to plasma dash out if he’s caught alone by a melee.

Caldarius- everybody (sans Kelvin)
This one may seem odd, but Caldarius escapes the normal counter rules. Since he’s got a stupidly powerful kit which is balanced by poor numbers, Caldarius isn’t really effectively countered by anybody since he can just dash away from every threat and keep harassing any ranged targets that he encounters. There isn’t a single battleborn who can really screw up Cald’s day except sometimes Kelvin with a good wall, so a good Caldarius is really free to do whatever he wants.

Those are all I could think of off the top of my head. I haven’t played in a bit, so take most of these with a grain of salt.


Writing a full list would take me hours, but I’ll give you this tip: Mellka is notorious for being the hardest to kill Battleborn but she has two direct counters and one you might be highly surprised by.

Phoebe: Phoebe’s slow on Phasegate at level 2 shuts down Mellka’s bouncyness (that’s now a word, courtesy of Mellka and coined by me) and prevents her escape unless she has both of her base abilities and uses them in a combo, even then she wont get far and Phoebe’s DPS is radical plus with the level 1 haste on Phasegate you can counteract Mellka’s slow to pursue and kill the bouncy little b*tch.

Here’s the surprise; KLEESE! Mellka’s thing is bouncing around, chipping away at enemy health and applying DoT to everyone while being unkillable through being unhittable (another new word I’ve couned courtesy of Mellka) but Kleese has an easy fix to this - His shock taser locks on to enemies. So Mellka tries to bounce away but you just keep on damaging her, you wont kill her from full health but you’ll do enough to scare her into retreating and if you’re smart you can push her towards your right netwrok. Kleese also acts as a counter to another hard-to-kill bouncy Eldrid, Thorn. At range of course Kleese is fodder, but against a roaming Thorn the same principles apply as against Mellka. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE KLEESE, HUG THE CHAIR!


And don’t forget about Kleese being the hardcounter to Reyna since he does additional damage to shields with his taser and if you pick the first right helix (+50% damage to shields by your rifts), your rifts onehit her overshield… you basicly make her totally useless.

Any melee is rubbish against Benedict (without someone else applying cc or the Benedict being an idiot). The exception is the odd time that Galilea manages to stun him out of the air. Or the even more odd time that Benedict is on the ground and Kelvin stuns him.

Phasegate… liftoff! enjoy the rockets!
Fetch… liftoff! enjoy the rockets!


Phasegate… double jump! enjoy the rockets!
Fetch… double jump! enjoy the rockets!

I play Benedict regularly and rejoice when those two are on the other team. Free lunch.

Yes, Phoebe can reach Benedict… at which point Benedict simply flies away or drops down.
Yes, S&A can drag Benedict down… at which point Benedict simply flies back up again.

Even if liftoff is on cooldown, Benedict can still double/triple jump away from melee…


Of the characters I have decent experience with:

Benedict - hard counters all melee

Marquis - hard counters all tanks

Benedict and Marquis are also weirdly good against each other… At range Marquis shreds Benedict, but if Benedict gets close he can burstkill Marquis.

Caldarius - very very good (near-hard counter) vs melee, solid vs anyone else. Mainly vulnerable to easy-to-land slows/stuns (Montana, Kelvin, Miko particularly)

Boldur - hard counters Rath (blocking dat ult and knocking him out of it for dayz)

Montana - hard counters Kleese. By God… poor, poor Kleese. That circular hitbox… Montana’s circular reticule…

Thorn and Mellka - annoyingly hard to kill. Not really countered by anyone, but don’t really excel vs particular characters, either. Just solid vs everyone.

False. In a 1v1 situation many people can kill Alani if they pay attention to her healing, and do their best to avoid her attacks so she can’t heal. Any melee with a good stun with damage to follow is a good counter. A rath with his knockout and ult underneath will kill one from full health. I can see a else dragon taking her out easily if he Ults and stuns her. A marquis that can aim well can take her dangerously close to death. I would say bad matchups would be anyone big. They give her too much opportunity to gain her stacks for health.
Thorn and Melka are also good counters to an Alani. Both are bouncy and hard for her to hit, yet she is slow enough to be a pretty easy target for both of them. The only time she has the upper hand is if she manages to bubble them, or if she picks the slow on her giant wave.
Fortunatly I don’t see many Alani’s picking the slow, which I don’t understand especially after her DoT being nerfed.

Pre-nerf, I agree with you.

Post-nerf, I can 1v1 her as Reyna. She’s fine now.

Caldarius murders EVERYONE!!! Ghalt destroys EVERYTHING!!!

premade counters pug.

5 players all ganging up on you at the same exact time. good game.

doesnt matter who you are, how skilled you are… ive seen premades literally stay on the enemies side of the map the entire game, racking pu kills… absolutel SLAUGHTER… not much u can do when u got 5 people all actively focusing the same target at once.

but… these people that play in premades obviously have zero skill and get no respect from the community for using such cheap tactics to secure a win.

I feel like anything that beats you must require no skill… I play in premades all the time and play against them. Just because I play in premades doesn’t mean I’m unskilled it means I want to play with my friends on this game


thats amazing. im glad you are having fun teaming up 5 vs 1.

me personally id rather do things legit.

What is"legit" to you exactly because I’m using communication in a team based game I’m not playing “legit”?


5 people going after 1 person is just a terrible idea altogether as you’re not focusing on the objective and we really just play to our roles I do my skirmishes and hit and run tactics. My friends do their roles such as tanking pushing and killing

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People who play Battleborn the way it’s intended have no skill? Using teamwork and communucation in a team-based game is a cheap tactic? Please do explain your reasoning and logic.


You seem biased. Because you had a bad experience with matchmaking doesn’t make playing in premade “not legit”.
It’s in the game,it’s usable,it’s intended,it’s legit. You’re blaming the players when the matchmaking is at fault,pretty typical of humanity actually.

To get back on topic and to complement @nyakasgoods answer,using melee vs an Oscar who use his legendary won’t be optimal imo. I do and the passive speed really saved me a tons of times vs melees

As for Kleese vs Mellka,I surprised a lot of Mellka this way,used to stay in the frail with their survivability but would die before they could retreat,BECAUSE TAZER!

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Thank you all for replying!

More questions inbound~
What can a Benedict do when there’s a Thorn and Marquis on the other team? (and you in a pug)

Or better yet, what can you do as “X” vs. 2 or more of your counters? (in a pug)

I mean not being in a pug would probs help out with that, but remaining in pugs, it seems my only options are picking Thorn, Caldarius, or Mellka. Which are 3 I hardly ever use…

Benedict is a nightmare. There are few good Benedicts out there, he has a huge learning curve but a skilled Benedict can kill anyone. He’s the only one who has access to verticality, if you can master using it he’s a monster. Personally I don’t like Benedict and he’s one of the few I can’t play, but I’ve been stomped by good Benedicts and an exceptional one can destroy entire teams.

Those Montana/Miko combos are a little cheesy though.