Who Counters Who?

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After reviewing the details of the Winter Update, it looks like counter-picks will become much more integral to the general PVP experience. That’s got me wondering: which characters counter which others?

I’ve noticed a few (in my opinion) good counters from my time in PVP, but realize I’m far lacking in a full perspective. I also feel that there are many factors involved (e.g. helix build) that would affect this. Perhaps the game mode could be a factor as well.

I wanted to know what’s the community’s thoughts on this and get a discussion going. To get the ball rolling, in my opinion:

  • Kelvin does seem to generally have a difficult time with ranged DPS. This can be mitigated with health regeneration, but from what I’ve experienced from playing him, he has no easy option to deal with taking damage at range.

  • Reyna seems to do quite well with taking out high-mobility characters, ranged or otherwise.

  • ISIC seems to be incredibly weak against melee characters

  • Toby seems to be at least highly susceptible to snipers, especially in conjunction with ranged AOE skills.

Again, these are just my thoughts and could very well be overlooking some critical information, so I would love to hear your thoughts on this.


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All you need to know is that Benedict counters all the other toons. Also, that player’s skill counters any character played by a less experienced player.

I don’t play all the characters but this is from my experience.

Reyna > Benedict
Shayne > Phoebe
Reyna + someone else > Rath
Whiskey > Toby
Deande/Reyna > Galilea
Rath > Caldarius
Ghalt > Kelvin

Some combo characters work well vs other combo characters or character but yea… these characters are DECENT CHOICES VS THE OTHER CHARACTER
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Whiskey is definitely the only character that worries me as Toby. He will outdamage any sniper if you use his shield properly but that Ult from whiskey is so fast and deadly.

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Marquis with reveal>pendles

Pendles>marquis without reveal,

Pretty sure the above is self explanatory


OK just to point out this is from a meltdown perspective of both, orendies reveal is balanced, but a good pendles can make orendies life a living hell, late game with miasma is hell for orendi

Ernest counters Galilea, with some difficulty.
Thorn counters Ernest.
Ghalt counters Thorn.
Shayne and Aurox (shield tank build) counters Ghalt.
Benedict counters Shayne and Aurox.
Montana counters Benedict.
Mellka counters Montana.
Toby counters Mellka.
Foxtrot counters Toby.
Rath counters Foxtrot.
Reyna counters Rath.

Annnnnd that’s all I got for now.

How do you counter Mellka as Toby? She is so hard to hit.

Slow mines at level 4 plus mine radius later on. It’s borderline, but it has worked for me in the past.

Ooh okay cool. Just asking because a Mellka just killed the crap out of me haha @n1h1l1stb0t knows what I’m talking about. :joy:


Rath doesn’t necessarily counter Caldarius.

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Crossblade slow hurts his double jump and if he uses his escape move you can easily smash him out of it. Like I said though… it’s not an A+ counter but your life will be easier if you had a rath with you

Yeah I know that he can slow him but trying to hit a good Caldarius with Crossblade without Csmash probably won’t happen. Even after Csmash, all it takes is a double jump upwards to dodge the Crossblade.

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Making a discussion like that is worthless because I can easily say a good rath doesn’t miss his crossblade :-/

There’s windup on Crossblade. It’s easy to dodge for the most part.

Because it’s impossible to lead a target? With this logic there are very few counters in the game. Is there someone who counters caldarius better?

I never said it was. Point to my third post. As for counters, Mellka, Atty, Boldur, Thorn, Phoebe, S&A, and WF have better chances at countering Caldy.

You forgot pendles, or at least late game pendles

He’s incredibly squishy, has a large crit spot and just in general is a large character so it wouldn’t be hard to dash out of there then turn around and just melt him.

Lol sorry I posted 30 seconds late

Why is Mellka better for countering caldarius? All of her stuff is easily dodged by a good caldarius right?

We can theory craft what a “good” caldarius will do all day long but I don’t see that taking away from rath. Rath counters agile characters much easier than someone who has to aim.

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Caldarius is squishy too, and that dash don’t matter when slowed, caldarius just like orendi has an easy crit for pendles to hit, with miasma caldarius is screwed, not to mention early game pendles will hunt caldarius with at least 75% health if he knows what he’s doing