Who did you use for "BADA BADA BOOOM"?

For those that have this title - which Battleborn did you use?

Does anyone know how it works, if it even does, on Boldur? What about Battleborn whose Ults just augment attacking, like Whiskey Foxtrot or Ghalt? And I assume there’d be no circumstance under which Reyna could achieve this title?

I ask because I’m positive I got more than 12 “punching” kills while En Fuego was active on El Dragon, and I didn’t get the title. I had 29 kills that game, and by my count, 18 were punching during En Fuego. I might be off by one or two - maybe the boxing ring ropes killed one or two people, but not 7. You don’t even get that until level 10.

So, I’m looking to try someone new, I’m just not sure who yet.

I know the obvious is Rath. I’m trying to avoid him, though, as he irks me for lots of reasons. I’ve tried lots of Orendi and Thorn, and in the end, the cooldown becomes a limiter. I’ve also put in a little time with Isic, and I suppose I’m just terrible with him.

Anyone have any suggestions?

I don’t have it, but I think Orendi is surely the best choice - she has helix options that reduce cooldown on Paradigm Shift, it’s a powerful AE that is notorious for getting multi kills, and Firmware Upgrade works well when her.

Rath has to wait too long between Dreadwinds. Thorn doesn’t enjoy the cooldown potential Orendi has.

Problem with En Fuego for this is that only the damage of the initial explosion counts, so El Dragon is actually one of the worst choices to get the title.

My intention is to get it with Blade Launcher eventually. If only games were ten minutes longer… :confused:

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I’m still scratching around trying to get this one too.

I figure it’s more likely to happen on incursion where AoE ults have a greater chance of netting multikills, but I mainly play meltdown and it’s yet to occur (usually because if the match is one sided it’s usually over or close to at around the same time as unlocking your ult anyway :frowning: )

El Dragon’s ult kills would refer specifically to the DOT applied by En Fuego and the initial popping of the skill (and boxing ring at level 10).

I’ve done a 24 kill game as El Dragon with 15+ kills while En Fuego which did not count.

I’ve been running legendary skill damage and firmware update trying to crack this one, rotating between Thorn, Orendi and Rath primarily. I suppose Orendi would be the best, since you can get her cooldown on the lowest timer, which is pivotal for the challenge.

My advice would be build like crazy and power level to 5, activate firmware update while you have level advantage and skill damage later on.

Then just hope the enemies are bad or hang around with low health and go nuts.

Unfortunately, like several challenges in this game, it’s generally only achievable by attempting it at the exclusion of everything else. I’d have a better time doing this if I actively attempted NOT to get my minions through in meltdown for instance to extend the game.

EDIT: Other candidates may include Attikus, Ernest, OM, ISIC and possibly Caldarius.

Just a thought but perhaps keep focusing orendi leveling til you get the extra skill damage for all skills which would give more potent shifts?

I always focus on power levelling Orendi.

The problem usually lies in the game ending too soon.

I agree and understand. Thought that maybe getting to the extra skill damage in her helix over gear may have been the correct way to get more orient shifts faster over hitting 5 then working on gear.

Though if you are already killing with shifts at 5 cooldown gear would probably be the way to go.

Just some random thoughts :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sometimes I just go wrench/shard gen/firmware update to super power level, but if you DO reach 10 with Orendi you probably kill with all the pillars on pillarstorm more than the ult itself anyway, which I assume doesn’t count, so catch 22 on the power levelling (unless you don’t pick pillarstorm LOL).

Problem with that is if a game goes the length it needs to for you to get the title chances are you’d be max level for a decent chunk of time anyway, so having the extra skill damage is a nice bonus.

I’m probably not a good person to comment though, since I don’t have it and all :frowning:

That sad face probably doesn’t even convey 1% of your expression of sorrow.

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Speaking of percentages I’ve started taking Lorrian Skill Spike and simply praying to RNG gods I get the 7% chance of an extra 50% damage to Thorn’s ult.

With skill damage bonuses I could theoretically do 900+ damage with WoTW.

7% of the time it works… every time.


I could be completely wrong, but have you considered Alani with the cooldown helix? Initial damage plus dot

I got it with Orendi

Actually, I haven’t, so I just went and looked - apparently Emergence is 167 + 251 over 4 seconds. So, it’s not as much as Orendi or Thorn, but maybe someone who’s really good with Alani or really lucky could turn that into 12 kills. I dunno, I’ll have to try it. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten more than 2-3 kills in a single game from Emergence, but I wasn’t really trying, either (well, outside of the normal “trying to win” hehe).

Actually, the screen makes it look a lot bigger than it is. It’s more like a really stretched cone - it has a deceptively modest radius, but on the flip side, it goes a lot further than you’d think (a LOT). As distance increases, though, the area narrows to a point. If I had to compare it to something visual, I’d say it starts around twice the diameter of Toby’s ult laser. I’ve missed people at an ~8-12 foot distance if my target reticle isn’t right over them. When that happens, I find myself wondering why they aren’t on fire.

And then, of course, there’s the fact that Paradign Shift can be outright shield-blocked by Galilea, Boldur, Isic, etc. That makes me want to slurp their DNA through a crazy straw. Buncha wankers, they are. And that doesn’t count the fact that Orendi can be stunned or knocked out of the warm-up animation.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Orendi, and I’m all for the tanky shield Battleborn being able to capitalize on their shield usage, but I feel like Orendi only has few tools and they’re too easy to hard-counter. By the later levels, the 650 damage on Paradigm Shift is really only about 1/4 of an average character’s health/shield pool, and the lowest possible cooldown is probably 35-40s or so, so it’s really frustrating when it can be interrupted, blocked, zoned (it’s got a long warmup), ignored by a 3500-hp Boldur/Attikus/etc, or just outright evaded by jumping around like an idiot, going behind a wall, or using escape skills. Yup - I know - now I’m just whining :wink: Obviously I’ve gotten a little frustrated trying to do this challenge with her :slight_smile:

So many people to kill, and such a sadface Orendi when I can’t :frowning:

That’s so odd cause I have always fel that shifts hit box was deceptively huge. I have killed battleborn with it I was pretty certain I couldn’t hit with it and have pulled more sweep shots that hit people than missed

Reyna deals one damage with her ult. Potentially, you could get a pentakill with it
Side note: I’m not actually sure what you have ro so for the challenge? Could anyone help please?

Got a triple off her Ult
Wasn’t the damage

Well, yeah, I’ve gotten one or two by mid thralls, but I don’t think it would count as the ult isn’t what killed them, the lack of ground was

I did it with ISIC. A normal game I’d say, everyone just liked to line up when I wanted to go for the Sentry and naturally I had to take them out first because they were in the way :wink:
Though you’re gonna need a support (Kleese!! Reyna!) if you want to stay in the ULT for long enough. But it lasts for 40 seconds. That’s a lot of killing potential.

And yeah, Incursion is Ideal because you need to get multikills with the ULT and in Meltdown people are usually too spread out for that. And also, ISIC in his ult is slow which in Meltdown is bad.

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Orendi, Thorn and Rath are pretty good for it.

I’ve probably gotten closest with him. Stack attack speed (stolen edge of arc is a godsend for his ult, you’ll melt faces) and have a kleese rifting you.