Who do you main? Why?

Like the title says, who’s your mains, and why do you main them?

My mains are Mellka, Attikus, Ghalt, Marquis, and Alani.

I play Mellka for her insane survivability and late game killing potential. I rarely get more than 1 death and less than 10 kills with her in a match.

I play Attikus for his ability to push an enemy back very quickly, and his versatility. Ever get hit by a fully charged critical Charged Hook, or have an Attikus jump in front of you just before you secure a kill?

I play Ghalt for his shotgun damage, and the disruption with his hook… but I mostly just suck with him.

I play Marquis to keep enemies pushed back at very long ranges with Actual Sniper Marquis and to finish off low health enemies. I actually take the Variable Zoom Scope, guys. Don’t get mad.

I play Alani to make sustained pushes and dish out CC. Even though I know Ambra is better at sustained pushes, I don’t like playing Ambra all that much.

Orendi is my best (on Overgrowth mainly), Mellka is my best in Meltdown, Ambra is my best in Capture, Kleese is my best in Faceoff although I can play anyone there. Notable mentions include Phoebe (mastered but rarely played any more), Miko (no map in particular), Whiskey Foxtrot (Meltdown and Incursion), and Shayne and Aurox (Monuments). All of these but Kleese I could play anywhere but prefer the listed maps (Kleese I don’t wnhoy having to claim an area and stick there now that his health is buffed). My main changes per map.
Main three are first three listed. Ambra is my true favorite, I do the best with Orendi, and I’m quickly learning Mellka but her accuracy prevents me from enjoying her or doing as well as I could to make her my main

I like the oddballs. Kelvin is my favorite main.
Otherwise my masters consist of Toby, attikus, deande, and Kelvin.


I’m one of the few who doesn’t touch PvP at all, but I stil feel like chiming in.

Phoebe, Whiskey Foxtrot, Pendles (although I stil have alot to learn as him), occasionally Deande.

Phoebe: aggresive playstyle, very tanky the way I build her. Didn’t like her at first because I didn’t understand her playstyle, but since a month or so that changed and in less than a week it became one of my most played toons.

WF: My ranged toon, stil kind of aggresive, and hard to take down once I have Killer Regen. Kinda reminds me of a Heghast Soldier considering their assault rifles in the first Killzone game function’s somewhat similar. Bonus points.

Pendles: Admittedly, I’m not entirely sure why I like him. But he’s very risk vs. reward. Not completely balanced for PvE I feel, which us why he’s mostly kept to co-op.

Deande: Actually for similar reasons as to why I now main Phoebe, can take alot of damage but also dish out quite a bit (specially with the tweaks to her ult she received). Surprisingly enough I didn’t had problems learning her compared to Phoebe though.

Used to main:
Orendi: Stil love her as a character, but compared to Phoebe and WF my skills drop dramatically. Kind of a shame but I pretty much stopped playing as her because of pretty much that reason. Reason why I mention her here is because, well. She’s one of my most played characters (competing with WF and Phoebe).


Toby, Orendi, ISIC, Ernest, and Benedict. I like high-damage primary weapon characters who’s “handicap” is projectile travel-time, because it’s always been a non-issue for me.

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Ernest - I don’t die often, I deal lotsa damage, and I just love this birb. Definitely my favorite DLC character and probably my favorite UPR.

Orendi - Reason why Battleborn even caught my attention; Orendi is love, Orendi is life.

Ambra - Once I saw her, I wanted to play as her. I avoided her during her Super OP days before launch, but enjoy playing her.

Kleese: Only if I’m with a good enough team to keep the pressure off of me, I’m a big target but def. the only LLC I feel comfy playing.

Shayne and Aurox - TANKY AND DEADLY

Alani/Boldur/Miko - Play these a lot less these days, but used to really really give them heavy play back in the day.

Variable scope is a good choice that is just somewhat situational

Mains are shayne and aurox, pendles,attikus,and our favorite high society sociopath marquis

S and A because of their banter jack of all trades and being the ultimate harasser in the game, being an incredibly dangerous nuisance

Pendles because the unique and underapreciated playstyle, early game finishing off half health enemies and even full ones if they are both squishy and not mobile, while late game becoming the executive executioner, being a hitman dangerous to even the most careful enemies

Attikus being that intelligent brute early game beating down any in my way, while late I become the leading teamplayer, causing disruption through the enemy team for mine

And finally marquis for strategic placement in all his abilities having payoff even hoodini and especially bindleblast which at maximum payoff is the highest damaging ult

Over the past few months:

Benedict - i just like this guy. Mobile, great escape, good damage and most importantly - I’m good with him. The most fun when I can duel with another Benedict. + the Quake and Unreal Tournament fan in me makes the love even stronger.

Galilea - I like her skill kit, her playstyle and how you can push the lane with her help. If I see that it’s gonna be a hard match vs experienced players I pick her. I think she is one of those few characters that can give Boldur a hard time, so that’s a plus too ^^.

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And the why part: (forgot it the first time)
For me, it’s because of the feel. Every character, ever game, they all have a feeling for me. Orendi’s feels like a storm just about to light the tree on fire, Ambra a slowly moving and unavoidable wall of death, and Mellka the wind, going wherever I want leaving lasting impressions. Why don’t I play Kleese more? I feel like an old fart sitting alone and bored


BLASPHEMY, ambra is one of the fastest characters ingame

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Lol ik, with enough speed I’ve turned her into the games weirdest assassin, but that’s how she feels. Your minions slowly push goward, you push theirs back, your territory lessens by the second, your health ticks down with shocking rapidity, you’re trapped and you’re dead

Haha, ambra an assasin,.just apply wound and she doomed, but seriously I see what you mean

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The things gogo juice and those Rogue boots can do man. I’ve gotten back to the enemy’s sentry on Overgrowth in about 10 seconds. And then I would just knock them back to my team and quick melee them on the face until they gave up. I got 15 kills, which was the highest in the match

But quick melee can’t spam, and by the way this

You sir/mam are a TEAM PLAYER

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Because I’ll be salty otherwise, I’m going to talk about the characters based on how I remember them preforming. Oh and this is from a PvE player.

Actual Mains - I.E. Jacks of all Trades, masters of one

  • ISIC

    • Good mob clearing primary that ignores Brute shields and Guardian’s BS hitboxes. With built in perma slow and mini Kleese blaster.
    • Excellent survivability with +1800 health level 1, 540 shield capacity, really good CC and kill time, overshield Ult, reduced shield recharge delay, and massive wards with a good cooldown. (I never use his Aegis, as I don’t like it)
    • A basically unique mechanic where my wards reflect enemy fire 100% of the time at level 2. Making for the best counter to Brute grenades and a general DPS increase.
    • Probably the best PvE mobility skill in the game as it has verticality, amazing range, speed, no charge time, and a 2 second stun.
    • The best PvE ult in the game that has an indefinite duration, range, and can crit.
    • His passive adds just enough extra thought process to keep me really engaged.
  • Galilea

    • Amazingly high DPS primary that makes me work for it, and is good at wave clear and bursting down single targets.
    • Can sprint while she attacks, giving her basically Caldarius level of combat mobility.
    • Pretty good survivability, along with a nice escape/de-aggro.
    • Good cc with her ranged 2 second stun and pull for minion maps.
    • My skills aren’t “push to win” and they simply buff me even more, making me have to actually work for the kills. Meaning my very strong primary that doesn’t have a cooldown is justified. And since PvE prefers sustained DPS over burst DPS, a strong primary is much better than strong skills.
    • And the recent buff to Last Light, health regen, and damage reduction has actually made her Brawler playstyle truly feasible, and it works great and adds even more reasons to play her. As diversity is key in RPG games.
    • And again something about the mini game (like ISIC’s passive) of keeping IDtGA and Corruption up keeps me loving her.
  • Thorn

    • Nice mini Marquis primary that has similar range and has penetration for mob clearing.
    • Blight which is the king of all kings when it comes to AoE skills. Can slow and has a 12 second duration that does 270 damage a second at level 10 with gear and her passive. It can also stack with ‘Earth Render’ providing 540 damage a second in a good area. Making her walking death when it came to groups of enemies and guardians.
    • Volley and ‘Cursed Earth’ provided easy ways of spreading her passive, which buffs most of my damage by 35% for 12 seconds.
    • Her ult it kinda meh before level 10.
    • Great survivability and utility with her jump and a Leechsteel Brooch.
    • And literally nothing could stand against me when I had a Chrono Key.
    • One of only 2 characters I’d take into any scenario because of her versatility with her ranged high damage primary, survivability, and mob clear.
    • Again with the mini game of proccing her passive. Notice a trend?

The rest of my PvE crew.

  • Marquis - Great primary range, accuracy, and DPS. As well as good mob clear level +8.
  • Kleese - Massive damage potential, pretty good primary/secondary, good survivability, and high learning curve. Along with being the best point defender.
  • Oscar Mike - Good at everything. Really good primary, good mob clear, good survivability and team reviver with a 9 second invisibility out the gate, and the highest damage burst ult in the game that melts mobs and bosses a like.
  • El Dragon - Easily the 2nd best PvE melee character in the game before OPS where introduced. A massive snowball of a character, where every level feels rewarding. Really good mob clearing primary, AoEs, hard CCs, survivability boosts, and an on demand universal damage amp.
  • Alani - Good single target primary, unkillable, ‘Go With the Flow’ is amazing, AoEs, hard CC, and IMO she is the only support that is fun to play as a support in PvE. Because it’s all about killing stuff together and having their back if they slip up. Not being the team ***** that locks onto people with various forms of beams, as you don’t need sustained healing in PvE only burst healing.
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Rath- Rarely nowadays but always my 1st main because I used him from 1st day of beta all the way to about command rank 70-80 after the game released.

Benedict- My go-to pvp character against rivals or known good players/teams & cause his taunts & because he’s a bird.

Toby- 1st and foremost, Bird, and because rail gun, potential double stuns(together with bola’s target finder=omfgbasedgodtobylikebreadandbutter), and kamikaze fun at lvl7 when people think they’re just going to kill me or I double stun them and get them low on health and let them finish me off only to suicide bomb whoever falls victim to it(hence kamikaze).

Kid Ultra- Mega Man…

And Because I’m Helping.

Kelvin- Reminds me of Zordon but very edgy, icy, and has limbs. Also double stuns(Sublimate then ice wall)

Caldarius just because he was the coolest looking mother in the technical test.

Whiskey Foxtrot cuz.

But generally I just play whatever role our team needs.

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Whiskey Foxtrot and Reyna. Because they are the best of the Rogues, and the Rogues are the best.

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I main Mike and Foxtrot because of their one liners


Your post reads like it is from MANY patches / months ago.

ISIC’s ultimate now only lasts 40 seconds, Gali can no longer sprint while attacking, Alani is way less OP / way more balanced now, El Dragon wears a dress now, etc.

Have you not played for a while?

Or did you maybe copy an old post of yours?

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