Who do you think has the most effective slams?

About every vault hunter in Pre-Sequel has a slam augment/upgrades, even some added with class mods. Would like to see some numbers to who has the “maximum slampage”.

Numbers? That’s crazy talk… Athena with Hades’ Shackles, Epicenter, and your favorite shock/fire Oz kit is super fun (enemies eat slam damage, get pulled towards you with bonus damage which also keeps them in range of Hades’ Shackles. I suppose with a zillion stacks of Maelstrom it would be a contender, but it’s rare that I roll with over 300.

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I’m playing with my Willy right now (tee hee) and even though I’m not currently specced into it, he has a skill that boosts the damage / radius of his butt slams.

I believe it may be a “put up to 5 points in”'but it may just be a one pointer.

Clappy gets built-in cryo damage. Strong contender for Hades’ Shackles. Jack’s lasers are neat too, definitely better than Wilhelm’s extra radius, or Nisha’s Order stacks and damage

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Can we include Athena’s “BloodSlam”, because a Cryo Slam and a Blood rush is all you need to kill most mobs. Add in Hades’ Shackles and Epicenter’s boss juggling physics, you have a winner right there.

For fun, try Jack’s projection mod (boosts slam damage) in the Mutator with the jump high & slam damage modifiers! Seems like I saw close to 750k damage numbers.