Who do you think is the Ultimate Healer? (POLL)

The other day I was having a very brief discussion over on the unoffical Discord about healers and who might be the best healer.

Unfortunately, it isn’t an easy or straightforward answer. Everyone has different opinions (which is good!) about who is the best healer, which is why I’ve decided to see who the community’s favourite healer is through a simple poll.

There has been many discussions over the past few months about who it could be, and I’m personally curious (and excited) to see who you guys think deserves the title “Battleborn’s Best Healer”.

It’s a broad question, so to help you guys out - and to narrow the field a little - I’m looking at:

  • Healing over all:
    As a singular person, who can do the most healing? What is the highest that healer can get to through pure heal power?

  • Healing per second:
    Healing per second is about who can do the most healing straight off the bat. From the beginning of the match, who is more efficient at doing their job?

  • Most Likely To Help Over all:
    As stated below, I’m not looking for damage, but I am looking for a healer who has a bigger impact on helping a team. As a team, what healer is going to help them win? What does that healer have that other healers don’t? Is there something unique about them that gives the team a better edge? What is that edge?

  • What Gear Works Best:
    While I’m not looking for a healer who is powerful through damage only, I do wonder what gear (or gears) makes a powerful healer? What is the best gear to use on a healer and why?

As stated above, I’m not looking for DAMAGE. A healer who does the best damage to an enemy is not what I’m looking for (the answer to that would obviously [redacted]), so I’m looking at these following candidates from a HEALING STANDPOINT.

If you are confused about anything, please feel free to let me know and I’ll explain further below.

The following candidates are:

Alani is a mix of attacker and healer. She heals through osmosis, which can be filled through damage and flailing wildly at everything in sight. She can heal herself by looking at the ground or staring up at the sky while in the heat of battle. Sometimes she likes to heal minions and not the Battleborn who desperately need it.

Irrelevant information: Alani has only one friend (Galilea), and has a penchant for accidentally drowning people. She is also made up of water, which is really weird.

Reyna loves nothing more than giving people overshields, which makes her a pretty generous person. Not only does Reyna gives overshields, but she can also heal allies as well. She does less healing over all, but through heal power gear she can reach up to (from personal experience) 340 heal power. That, with a pretty impressive overshield, makes her Battleborn’s most unique healer - and to this day, someone who is still being undervalued.

Irrelevant information: Reyna loves fixing her hair after every reload and lost her eye after a game of “I-Spy” went horribly wrong. She also loves baking.

Ambra is one feisty lady and heals differently than the others. Ambra heals through Sunspots, which can be placed around the battlefield (but she can also heal through traditional means, like Miko, at the cost of her soul, erm, life).

Ambra used to be a pretty weak character and laughed at, but since her buff, Ambra has become an incredible presence in a match. Through mutations, Ambra can recycle her Sunspots, which is great for the environment (Leonardo DiCaprio, are you listening?)

Irrelevant information: Ambra wants shirts to be tucked in, Gosh darn it. Also, if she is placing actual miniature suns, a) how much solar radiation do they give off and b) why don’t they burn people?

When you tell people that Battleborn has a talking mushroom, they might look at you like you’ve had a few yourself (if you know what I mean, nudge, nudge) or they might laugh at you like you’re a lunatic (which you clearly are).

Miko is perhaps Battleborn’s most persistent healer, and can heal allies in different ways, through a green tether or the top of his/her own head. It’s a little extreme, but hey, if it helps a brother out.

Irrelevant information: Is it a he, a she or an it? That’s something we’ll discuss in the sequel to this topic, “Miko: What Am I Looking At Exactly?”. Fun fact, did you know Miko also loves extreme sports and writing limericks? You do now!

Here is the poll. I’ve made it that you guys can only vote ONCE. However, I will accept honorable mentions, healers you think would make the cut for first place but they are lacking in a particular area. Without further ado, let’s vote!

  • Alani
  • Reyna
  • Ambra
  • Miko
  • Other

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My Vote was Ambra.
Ambra is the only “healer” out of the 4 that offers reliable healing when around as well as when she is not present.
Ambra also can heal and sustain herself.
Ambra can also utilize a push back as well as a reveal for those pesky assassin types and the push back is useful to keep those tanks back when you have a fleeing teammate.
She has strong ult that can be used to clear the battlefield or set up a nasty trap behind a team skirmish to clip off fleeing enemies.
Shes the total package.
A 10/10
an dont forget the 200% sexy :wink:


Ambra, the most universal healer and character this game has.


Ambra is best healing overall. The best minion healer
Healing per second is Miko. Hands down
Most likely to help over all is Ambra or Reyna
Best gear depends on character. For Ambra, skill damage is important. Miko should probably use attack speed or movement speed. Reyna needs cooldown and perhaps reload speed. Alani needs attack speed. Kleese needs skill damage and regen

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Miko is still by far the best healer, even though certain other healers can abuse symbiotic spores to make their healing better. No one other healer can make a character a god. They are also hard pressed to heal up in the 80-100k range. Miko also has an oppressive 10 second slow that will give you aids.

Ambra’s a close second.

Then its Reyna and Alani.


Ambra is the overall best *universal healer if you consider she is the only one that can instantly kill Guardians.

*Not only sun for all but also a Vampire Pyro.


From score only. In a tough PvP we won my miko healed 108k in a similar situation ambra did 97k, alani 60k and reyna 74k.

My miko heals 180 per tik
Ambra around 80
Alani 1200 and a lingering effect, geyser heals 500
Reyna around 500

Miko is can bring 1 to 100 in seconds while alani needs to land 3-9 hits, ambra dosent have a ranged attack so she needs to move back and forth, reyna cd make her mor suited for saves instead of constant heal.

If you ask me why reyna healed more, thats because my team didnt dive so i could take few seconds to heal everyone. Alani without big targets, minions or slow battleborns cant get stacks fast enough ( my 0 osmosis is 108+15%)


I vote for this.


I would like to add that Miko is an excellent poker player, according to Pheobe.

As to the over-all best healer my vote is for ambra, with her mutations she can sustain a minion push, displace the whole enemy team and heal up her team simultaneously the fastest. Miko only shines when he pockets someone.


Miko does not only shine when pocketing someone, with his slow, self sustain, and surprising combat capabilities, Miko shines when using his abilities strategically in combat to both keep his team healthy and make the enemy and easy kill, and yes I mean all of them


Voted Miko, but I think Healing Chair KLEESE should be on the list.

Hence “Other”. This would include Kleese (his healing chair) and Galilea with her desecrate, which can also heal allies. Before the nerf, Kleese’s healing chair was really good.

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Just waking up, apologies.

Miko, who us still OP af and basically breaks the game.

EDIT: Ninja’d.

Voted Ambra even though Miko is superior in a coordinated meta-savvy team.

The vast majority of teams in this game are not mic’d up competitive five person teams with a veteran tank and dedicated wave clear.

For every team that isn’t the above, Ambra is a far better pick than Miko. She’s one of few picks that can plausibly carry a weak team. Miko, conversely, is one of the worst choices to carry a weak and uncoordinated team - they’ll just make your life hell.

Ambra also has the benefit of being absurdly powerful in Capture and Meltdown, whereas Miko is very much geared for Incursion…


Limericks, eh?

There once was a group of A. Mikollopria,
Who existed in the Solus dystopia.
With Kunai a-throwin’
And fungal spores a-blowin’
That Miko always kept their composia.


This couldn’t be closer to the truth. When I would solo queue, either the random Miko would go full assault or the others would scatter and he couldn’t heal anyone. After her much needed buff, I started playing Ambra a lot in solo queues, and not to sound cocky but I semi-carried a few teams with her. Healing, wave-clear, 1v1 capabilities, Ambra can do enough to influence a match so long as her team is semi-decent.

Oh god yes, a good Miko is a nightmare on Incursion, though the way Monuments is so open in mid Ambra alone can push forward to lead the charge and drop Sunspots to mark the way for her team to advance. On Incursion and Echelon though, better grab a Miko.

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I’d of voted Ambra if we were taking anything else into consideration. Since it’s just heals though, I’ve got to say Miko. The only dedicated sustainer in the game.


Everytime this question comes up I’ll always answer: Reyna!
all of them can heal, everyone is different from the other which is good, there’s actually no dominant healer imho, because it mostly depends on situations, every healer in BB has its individual strenghts and weaknesses.
So finding the “Best” among them is a difficult task, but I’d always prefer a skilled Reyna above all, they all can heal and get you sorry a*s out of sticky situations, but none of them makes this as effective as Reyna, she not only gives you an overshield, heals your normal shield and your life to save you, she actively can negate the threat, while you get instantly healed she debuffs your enemy and can give you the edge above an overwhelming enemy like no other does.
It’s not only how much one heals, more important is WHEN to heal, you don’t need constant overheal to kill an enemy, all you need is the right heal to the right time, and this is what makes Reyna such unique, you get the needed heal, instantly, and every support to clear out any negative circumstances