Who drops the melee white elephant?

Research came up short. Couldnt find a particular source if there is one. Any suggestions since this event is for bosses?

All basic relic drop totally randomly, there is no way to farm a single relic in particular (appart from a few special one that only drop from dedicated sources)

Your best bet is to chain farm boss that are known to drop relic, I myself find captain traunt to be a quick and reliable farm source of those

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Thought so, the jabbers in eden 6 are good for dropping them but was trying to find a quick farm. Thanks.

White Elephant drops from Agonizer 9000.


Really, ill head that way this week then, thanks.

Lootlemon is a great resource:


Thanks, never knew this existed! Bookmarked.

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Nice site! Also bookmarked.


These particular artifacts seem to dropping for me just about everywhere right now. I’m farming Killavolt at the moment, and he’s dropped on almost every kill, and I’m also seeing them in his red chest, too. If the Agonizer isn’t your favorite farm, then just pick a boss and keep at it for a few kills.

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Was actually going to place one of my characters there to farm him this week and go back and forth between them so i wont go crazy. Thanks for the heads up.

I’ve got my main (Moze) and an Amara that I’m trying to move up the Guardian Tree… there right now. I’m about to head back to Sanctuary and dump loot, etc. and get back to it. Lat night, it was a Monarch almost every kill, but today he is rather stingy. Lots of 9 Volts, Sawbars, Elephants and Class Mods, though. Not that I’m interested in any of those.

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Good to here the monarch is at least dropping regular. Might get what i want lol.

BTW I have some great white elephants if you are on PS4

Oooh man that would be great but I’m on xbox. Thanks anyway.

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Wish there was a source for the prefix LoL.
Made the mistake doing vault cleaning getting rid of my Ice Breaker prefixed lower level artifacts. Found out the hard way I somehow had gotten rid of all of them.
Now that I am wanting to use one, have nothing in Ice Breaker :frowning:
Been hoping something would drop during my recent farming, but not a single Ice Breaker prefix…

What platform?

Agonizer 9k
Penn n telller robot. Insides of carnivora

PS4 here

Im on xbox, sorry.