Who drops the proletarian Revolution?

Anyone know? It doesn’t seem to be able to be grinder

I’m looking for it was well, but I have seen it drop twice from the final boss in DLC, Eclipse/EOS. Unfortunately, both times I saw it I was helping people beat it n TVHM, so it was a low level for m 64 Wilhelm :’(

Grinderius the Invincible of course.

I’ve heard that you can get the DLC Legendaries by grinding only DLC Legendaries, would make sense. So don’t use vanilla Legendaries in your grinding recipe, try DLC Legendaries

Nah, i got a Luck Cannon grinding Excalibastards.

I think certain weapons work. I tried grinding main game weapons with no luck, but then the berrigan and long nail popped out when I ground the dlc weapons. When I ground them they worked. I’ve tried at least 60 times to get a P revolution but no go. I think I’m going to try 3 luck cannons if I can get em

i had a ProRev drop from a “trash mob” psycho or bandit at the third bridge piece by the exit. either they drop them or i was lucky as… well poop.

got mine from a chest. seems like just another without a designated drop. I expect clappy dlc ultimate badasses could drop it too.

Good to know, thanks!

Legendaries dropping off mob enemy types has been common in this DLC so I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out the Revolution drops from Bandits

Thanks for the help fellas! Guess I should suck it up and kill eclipse. Only tried twice, that guy is tough solo at lv 70 UVHM!

do u guys think it would work with thingy’s and a purple becaus i am trying to do it with 3 long yards nottin so far

Yes, you would get pistols only. some guns just seem to be more likely than others.