Who else been recently getting crashes? Like this past week?

Hi all,

I’ve played 80ish hours with zero crashes since november and now recent;y this past week I’ve been getting crashes after 20mins - 1hr. I can’t even exit or close the game so I have to restart the pc. Maybe the cause of a new hotfix?

I remember at the main menu, I’d wait for the hotfix sign and pennant banners to show up but now only the sign shows up.

Anyone else running into this issue? Tried new drivers and rolling back but still happening.

I just started crashing today. Within 5 minutes of game start the entire PC freezes completely. No Win-Tab, no CTRL-ALT-DEL, complete lockup.
If I wait about 5+ minutes, eventually Win10 pops the new BSOD stating that it’s had a “DPC Violation” and never does the gathering of info, so requires a hard reset. Same thing now three times after NOT A SINGLE CRASH prior to today. :frowning:

Some fishy bs has started happening today. I completely deleted the drivers and reinstalled. Played for a good hour then I get made green artifacts that require a resest, pc is frozen. It’s like GPU is dying

Same thing today for me, playing for a month plus with no issues , even this am… shutdown my pc and then logged in about an hour ago and now it keeps crashing , get a popup saying my vid driver is the reason, so updated my drivers, reboot and still crashes…

This is ridiculous, I’ve cleared cache, I’ve uninstall/reinstalled the game, I’ve updated my vid drivers, not one thing making this better at this point. WTF did they do??? My primary character corrupts all the time with these lockups so I’ve had to start backing up the savegame folder nightly just so I only lose the current day. This isn’t playable any longer. :frowning:

Think I found the solution. I took apart my gpu and found the thermal pasted had dried up. Put in new thermal paste and so far so good. Give it a try if you can.

Okay can now confirm it was the thermal compund…

I’ve just found my issue to be somewhat related - I’ve been running under the spec for VRAM, GTX960 with only 2gb where I thought I had 4gb :frowning: FYI, you MUST have more than 2gb on the vidcard or you may well run into the same issues. Must have sufficient power to the PCIe for the card, and must not be over-heating the lol - all common sense I suppose…

I upgraded to a much better 1660 Ti with 6gb and a new power supply that could handle the new card’s power requirements, and it’s been extremely solid now after 3+ hours of continuous speed farming.

Fair’s fair, I’ll have to own this issue myself - not a Borderlands issue.

As to why it changed, I’m wondering if I worked the vidcard harder once I finally redid my Zane build around the Seein’ Dead mod lol - the timing is just about exact as to the start of my issues. With that build, I’m actively shooting high-projectile-count weapons at ridiculous rates, so might have been what changed to start my trip down the rabbit hole…