Who else here ONLY bought the DD version for the Legendary gear?

The extra digital bonuses are well…boring… I really like this game, and I mainly spent the extra $$$ for the discounted season pass (my excuse) but, the real MAIN reason I caved… the 3 Legendary Gear Boxes! I don’t know the odds of getting legendary gear in the harder modes, but normal mode drop chances were pretty low. be nice to start with some 1337 gear. (I hope I get mellka or Benedict’s legend item)


Can you get character specific legendary gear from packs? I thought they could only be gained by completing their lore.

I don’t know if you can or cant get them from packs. but I got 2 hero specific legendary gear items from doing campaign missions and did not complete any lore. I also didn’t get any legendary items from completing lore. I finished 3 or 4 of El Dragon’s Lore and didn’t get any legendary gear for him.

There are bosses that can drop legendary gear but I don’t know if thats the only way to get those pieces of gear.

Well although the legendary gear was definitely one of the big contributors to my purchase of the delux preorder, I see this game as one that I’m most likely going to be investing time and money into for awhile so putting down extra “casholas” for the additional bonuses was worth it for me. :wink:


I had no idea the deluxe edition came with 3 legendary boxes until recently. I bought it for the discount on the DLC packs, although I admit the skins are pretty neat. Finally something for a character I actually plan on using! :smiley:

i couldnt find confirmation of legendary packs anywhere on the steam page ><

I mainly bought it for the season pass, as I see myself wanting everything to do with this game. Also I had $70 dollars worth of psn points from Christmas I didn’t use yet, so spending $5 dollars was no big deal =D

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Its not on the steam page, its here:

damnit >> maybe i’ll upgrade then. Or do i have to get it from the website for those bonuses?

No, you can purchase the delux version from the steam store and still receive the bonuses.:slight_smile: The website page accomplishes the same function, it just lists more information on the game and additional bonuses that are added on.

dang doesnt look like i can upgrade .w. oh well

Rip. :sweat: Sorry mate, but I’m sure that it’ll still be enjoyable with the basic preorder, after all if the normal game itself wasn’t enjoyable than the delux version probably wouldn’t be much of an improvement overall. However I have a good feeling that Battleborn is going to be an epic game. Hope to see you on the battle field, friend.

if you pre-ordered it digitally, you should beable to cancel your preorder, even could just ask for store credit (usually faster) then just buy the digital deluxe. Who did you order it from?

I’m fairly certain you cannot get character specific legendary gear in chests, but you will get at least one guaranteed legendary, yay? The character legendary gear is pretty easy to grind for, you should get it fairly quick.

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They never added the option to upgrade for some reason but you can have the game refunded and buy the Digital Deluxe instead. That’s what I did since I pre-ordered the game before Deluxe came out and the money was back in my Steam Wallet within 24 hours, so you shouldn’t miss launch :slight_smile:

I got it for the cheaper season pass. I’d rather have a physical copy but cheaper won me over. Didn’t even look at what else it had with it.

I have only ever opened The epic gear boxes, never got a legendary gear box in the beta. so unless you got like 10 of them…

I got 4 legendary equipment during the beta. 2 for characters I had completed lore with and 2 randoms, and to be honest they were all pretty garbage. They were “ok” pieces of gear but the 1800 shard activation made me never want to use any of them. As for the non character specific ones they were pretty terrible.

The only remotely useful piece was the Ambra specific one that gave constant heat generation on her staff. It was enough to constantly shoot fireballs with the mutation.

Wait what? You get legendary gear from DD? I thought it was just skin’s and cheaper season pass???