Who else is gonna main alani now?

I’ve played alani for a day and just fell in love with the character she’s an amazing support that can also do some good damage she’s gonna be my main for now what about you guys anyone gonna keep going with her?

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Here here I second this notion!

I’m hoping all the bad alani players get weeded out in the next few days so the guys like me who love supports can master the new support


Not really gonna main prr se, but she will definately be a regular for me. Support is what I run, so it will just depend on which I feel my team needs.

I will say that her and kleese are tied as most fun to play.


I have just been doing pve and working out a good pvp build until the hype blows over in a few more days

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I love supports man I’ve mastered miko Reyna and kleese and I’m gonna master alani

Yeah I don’t imagine it being long since a lot of people don’t even know how to play supports sadly

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I have no main. I do not like limiting myself.

I ran through some storymodes with her today, as I figured I wouldn’t get the opportunity to pick her in PvP due to everyone else wanting to try the ‘new toy’, haha…

I also don’t like taking a character into PvP until I feel a bit secure in my game play with them…

Had a rough time having to improvise with someone new when the game originally dropped, if my preferred was taken… PvP is not the place to be a newbie with someone, for my own sake, and my teams…

I probably won’t take Alani into PvP with that said though, I don’t want the pressure of having to use her as support…
other players expecting me to drop my own kill (or general mission objective) to save their butts in attempt of their own, doesn’t seem right to me…

I feel both Ambra and Alani can hold their own and are ‘if you are in the right place’ healers/supports in that role…
While Miko is a true healer, yes he/she can beef on with the best too, but I’d say healing is his/her primary…

Already forum members critising players use of Alani, saying players aren’t using her as the above healer/support method…
While I feel she can, but it doesn’t mean she must…
Other players may disagree with me of course, but I think a lot of players need to learn to hold their own on the battlefield so to say, haha…

And I can’t see myself completing her lore for this reason too, alot of PvP lore that I’m just never going to even attempt most likely…
But who knows? Might change my mind on that later…

But definitely taking her into storymodes on Occassion, solo and multi.

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At first I was gonna main Caldarius then I learned how great supports were. I currently try to main Ambra but with the popularity of Alani I can’t make her my main until the attraction dies out.

I’m getting Gold on everything advanced with her, my new fav and if you see my post in the main forum I did Helio Advanced with her in 52 minutes, a new record, by far the best game I’ve had with any character.

Yep, i’m gonna main her. She fits my playstyle perfectly. The first time i used her was in a PvP match and that match has been by far the best one i’ve had.

Nice man I love alani too she’s so good for combat and support

I love playing like all the support characters. Was so happy to find out she was one. xD Just finished mastering Ambra so going to put out some of the fires I’ve caused with Alani…

BTW lord have mercy with these lore challenges… xD That ambra one is going to be a pain. Not only do I have to hope I match up against an ambra, but I have to make sure I’m the one killing her.

Oh no kidding ambra is a pain to kill because of her f*cking over shield and the fact that I have to do it 25 times

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Yea… thats the one part I’m not looking forward to xD… Good news is I have a pretty good squad I play with so we’ll more than likely just have Ghalt travel along with me and pin ambra in a trap… Hopefully. xD

Not to mention if you have a gali you and her are gonna compete for that sh*t

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I’ve completed three lore challenges so far
The healing 800 hp challenge 50 times (which was stupidly easy)
Play 5 matches with gali(also easy)
Do 3000 damage with ultimate(skulk kiting ftw)
Almost completed the riptide one
3 kills on ambra…

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Kleese was my favorite before yesterday, but there’s a new monk in town.

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I really like her… Miko did not really do it for me as a healer, but I enjoy Alani’s playstyle!