Who else is losing gear?

Hello everyone ,
I’m losing gear in the last week .Let me explain: My vault is full my character is full. I throw my backpacks content on the floor I take 40 things from my fault sell them . I pick up my backpacks content again go to the vault to drop stuff in there and I miss gear. Last week I lost all my best victory rush idols and now I have lost 14 things from my backpack. Is this going to be a trend because in the beginning of the game I lost my vaults content twice . Has anyone else encountered this problem? What can you do about it

Loot is known to fall through the floor in sanctuary.
It did it in 2 if I’m not mistaken, and has been reported from day one of Borderlands 3.

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If both your bank and backpack are full, one way to free up some space so you can move things around is to put stuff you definitely want to keep on the display panels in your room. Then you can pull stuff out of the bank, sell it, and reclaim the items from the wall.

There are a few ‘safe’ spots in Sanctuary but, given the random component to the spread when you drop gear, it’s hard to ensure you’ll never have something go through the floor.

If you really need to drop items, drop them on the tables just outside your room. I have lost stuff through the floor a few times until I realized what was happening. I have had stuff fall through the table but never through the floor below and you are still able to grab them.

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