Who else likes the Calypso Twins?

I’ve seen a lot of hate for them and how they suck compared to Handsome Jack, and while they don’t measure up to him, I find them to be both perfectly entertaining and despicable.

Surely I can’t be the only one who enjoys them?


The whole streamer/fanatical fan dynamic they’re portraying is spot on. They’re perfectly obnoxious and their fans are extremely ignorant. They nailed it.


I haven’t gotten all the way through the story, but so far I like Tyreen and hate what’s-his-face.

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They seem fine to me so far. Maybe not as good as Jack, but Jack is one of the best game villains of all time, so that was always going to be a tough act to follow.


Yeah, I feel that everyone is going way too hard on them. All the reviews and even youtubers are saying they suck. I just don’t see what’s so bad about them.

They’re easily the second best antagonists in the series, considering how bad the antagonist of 1 and the Pre Sequel were.


They are fine. I am not going to hate them just because it is edgy and cool :smiley:

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They’re alright. I never actually liked Jack, I found his constant monologuing and juvenile humor tedious. While the chuckle twins are more of the same in that regard, they don’t talk quite as much as Jack did, so I mind them a bit less.

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Obviously they aren’t handsome jack, but I still like them. Troy not so much, but Tyreen is consistently entertaining.
My main complaint with them is that the streamer stuff isn’t really that delved into. It comes up often, but they act more like the standard super villains than I thought when I’d heard the main antagonists would be echonet streamers.
It would have been nice to see them start as goofy and mostly well-intentioned enemies and then slowly evolve into murdering psychopathic villains in a vein similar to Jack. But they pretty much come out of the gate swinging with atrocity after atrocity.


When you start Borderlands 2, Handsome Jack is a sadistic evil bastard and is like that until the end of the game. Sure he shows more depth than the twins, but we only got the “evolution” you speak of, from the Pre-sequel.

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Well, I understand why strangers and YouTubers hate them, after all they are hiring to close to home. Lol

Wait… streamers aren’t standard super villains?!

So my official option is they aren’t as bad as Steele but ultimately 1 dimensional and forgettable.

Jack really became the star of Borderlands in the “Where Angel’s Fear to Tread” mission when you saw a different side of him by the way he talked about his daughter…and his response to her death. Eventhough he treated her horribly he truely loved her in his own twisted way. You see a fully fleshed out character that changes and evolves.

The twins were basically “I’m a God, I’m going to the great Vault, and that’s it.” They are plot device to move the story forward…that’s about it.

They are fine. People just become stuck in the past, in this case it’s with Handsome Jack. GBX nailed what they were going after with the twins.

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Troy seems the one that does the most character growth but Tyreen remains the same through the entire game. Of course towards the end of the game, it all falls into place. All in all, the twins were good villains. Different than Jack, yes… but good all the same.

I do enjoy loathing them.


Not really. Their origin is interesting, but the game spends far too little time on it. Exactly why did they turn evil?

Handsome Jack was also a really charismatic enemy, a combination of Archer and the Joker. The Twins come over as annoying. I won’t get into spoilers, but there are several twists and turns that could have been really dramatic regarding their relationship - but just went nowhere.

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I love to hate them, so mission accomplished?
While Handsome Jack was menacing, I found the twins to be childish, but that sometimes work to their advantage.
Minor sidequest spoiler You’re tasked with blowing up two camps, each run by a twin during one of their own competitions to kill the other’s followers. Their interactions with each other and the vault hunter are pretty humorous.
The whole time I was thinking, “Heh, it feels like we’re vitriolic best buds. But I’m going to enjoy killing you dickwads.”

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The idea behind them was a good start. However I feel like they didn’t tap the full potential that could be done with it. They had personality but felt lacking as villians. This may be part of their theme though as echocast streamers. They don’t really have any military or corporate background and were probably under 21.

Imho is stupid even to begin to think to compare Jack with the twins.

Even without looking on how good jack was and how the guy that dubbed him was ON EFFING SPOT…
Jack had 3 games to build himself as a character AND a villain.
Gearbox perfectionated him a whole lot in all those years.

The twins are too fresh and without a real backstory (with us) to tell.

i think that the twins are both really well made villains for a game that had to build their story and ours in…what? 6/7 hours maximum of storyline?

Like all things i think that it’s really stupid to “compare” in videogames.
Mostly because humans are a biassed species that will hate EVERYTHING just because (in this case) they are not “Jack”.

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I love them a lot. Then again I don’t care for Jack sooo.