Who else plans to fight to the last light?

Umm… H-Hey guys. Toby here! I was just wondering who else plans to stick it out until Solus is inevitably darkened next January?

Oh gosh, that was kind of morbid and depressing… Sorry about that! Let’s call it a permanent suspension of friendship instead!


I would really like to play the moment “it” happens but because of timezones that will probably be in the middle of the night for me.

So instead, starting in November I plan to play one of each of the 30 characters a day, one last time doing a different story mission, ops or multiplayer map with each to experience everything one last time.

After that I will probably stop the last few days because otherwise I will probably go crazy thinking about the inevitable.

But till then I will, to put it in Kleese’s words “fight to keep the lights on”

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I have been playing for the past few weeks trying gimmkiy gear/helix builds against bots, getting some of the more difficult titles like exterminator done. I’v got over 500 hours at this point and I plan to Screen cap my career statistics before the game goes down. I would encourage everyone else to do the same maybe we can have a forum post to share them so we can see how each of us played the game favorite heros, modes etc.


There’s already a couple of threads created to do just that, though they are admittedly a year or older by now, so it’d probably be fine to make a new one.


I’ll be there!


I’m doing speeedruuuuns.
The mod recently allowed a gear% category after I asked so I’ve started doing runs in that category as well.

edit: theres a discorrrrrd if’n you do decide to speedrun too. we love talking tactics. https://discord.gg/ZpHDweT

I’ve been playing quite a bit since the announcement. Up to 700 hours now. That’s up from 536 hours. I still have a blast, even against the bots. I get my friends to do a few matches with me sometimes but I’m content with playing against bots though. I plan on playing until the lights go out. Wish the devs could do just one last special thing. Like giving us a Battleborn poster for our room in Borderlands 3. An awesome BB wallpaper with all the characters grouped up, holding a “Goodbye” sign. I mean, SOMETHING! Going to hate losing this game.