Who else thinks we need MORE Action Skill Begin Annointments

I mean the title says it all folks…


Or just anointments that aren’t tied to the action skill at all. How about on critical hit?


Definitely not this guy. I hate using Iron Bear at all, I really don’t care about action skill annointments.
We need some that provide more versatility in gameplay. How about “More movement speed on kill” or “fully expending magazine adds bonus elemental damage to your next magazine,” or literally anything else that doesn’t want me to waste 15 seconds trying to kill one enemy with the mech.
I get that there’s more than one character, but these don’t really help Moze as much as Flak or Amara, imo, so I’d rather not see more of them diluting my useful loot pool.


Agreed. Action skill anoints really have the issue that action skills work differently. I mean, Zane can keep his action skills up near indefinitely with the right build, making both ASE and action skill start pretty much useless.
On crit does sound nice, although it would of course have to be a little weaker because you can crit all the time.


I’d like to see different things like this but once the anointments grow and grow in numbers we will be to the point anointed gear pretty much needs to be on every drop to even have a chance at finding what you want. It’s already pretty tough with all the ones we have now imo. If this does happen the new anoints need to be some good stuff instead of random junk to water down the pool…


I like this idea.

I see what you mean. We definitely need a way to “rework” anointments. Like maybe make Crazy Earl capable of doing so with the price of some Eridium.

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I’d be even happier to get rid of Airborne/Sliding Anointments.


I wouldn’t have an issue with these anointments if they weren’t so weak compared to the other anointments.

It’d be nice if they mushed them into 2 anointments. I don’t think it was necessary to have 7 of them.

Ooh can we get rid of handling anoints too?

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who else think we should remove annointment all together ?
like seriously , this arent even a good feature to begin with for multiple reason.

cause more farming , more difference between variant . what ridiculous is that people want balance but never take a look on the power creep annointment cause

They can’t, because it’s too late for that. This is the game that they’ve designed. The only way forward is make sure the anointments encourage variety and stop releasing nonsensical ones. Powercreep is a concern, but if you look at the bigger picture, it’ll be offset by harder modes.

What bothers me is the decision to allow offensive anointments on grenades/shields. I think that discourages variety, because the defensive ones become obsolete when you can kill mobs before they can react.

With so much annointed including character specific and universal ones, I wish there is a reroll feature to it

and also I’m up for new annointeds like that but I’m sure at this point this game gets more of rng so a reroll feature would be sound good