Who exactly is this DLC for?

I’ve played all weekend and seen only two people who weren’t 100 and we were struggling. If a 15 or even 30 tries to play the DLC, will it be just as difficult as it is for a 100?

Challenging is one thing, impossible is another. Yes, I know it’s really possible for some super players. But shouldn’t only be for super players.

Reset your ops points! Find that sweet spot and farm it while practicing the heroes!


Does the starting ops points get chosen by who has the highest? Also can anyone in a party choose to reset them?

Apparently starting ops points are selected randomly from among the players and you can only reset ops points in solo play.

I’m pretty sure the mission starts with the highest possible OPS amongst the players. So if one of the players has a base of 50 start up OPS Points, then the mission will start for all 3 with 50 OPS Points.

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Yeah I’m actually liking running it solo. The number of Thrall Brutes that spawn in the final encounter on top of the mechanics of the boss herself make it very challenging with a full team of 3. I will probably do that once I have figured out who from each faction is best for it, but for unlocking skins, I am probably going to stick to running it solo.


Just finished a 2-person run, and that was pretty good. Doesn’t the game take an average of the Ops Points of all players?

Wld someone be willing to explain to me what these Ops points are and how they matter/what they mean?

They determine the difficulty and what rewards you can earn.

Ok…so do you like, get them by playing and everytime you play it gets harder or do you pick how many you use on a run through?

You get them by playing, either as drops (like score drops) or by completing side objectives, which change every playthrough.

You can earn I think up to 50 total ops points in a single run, 40 from side objectives and 10 from pickups. The more ops points you have, the tougher the enemies will be.

Each run you do you start with an increase of 5 ops points, so the first playthrough you start off with 5, second playthrough you start with 10, third with 15, fourth with 20, etc.

Resetting your ops points will make the level easier, but you will lose any rewards you get from having an amount of points at the end of the level (40 for a skin, I think 60 for a commander pack, and theres more further on).


Oh whoa, that sounds really awesome.
Im guessing the higher ops points difficulty increases are real tough then? Ive seen some conplaints but had no idea what they were talking about lol.
Thanks for your response it was very well pit together an i learned alot from you. Heres and extra :heart: cuz you deserve an extra like for that one lol


You’re most welcome =D

Edit: in a few playthroughs tonight it always chose the highest available starting ops points. Even though the leader was not the highest.
Has anyone tested to see if maybe it’s the lobby leader who is the decider for starting ops points?

In Private, the Host caters the points. Or it picks the one with the highest OP

I don’t know how public deals with it.

Do you know if you can earn skins for other characters or only for the one you are playing?

I’m going to stick to solo for awhile because it is totally ridiculous to join a party when you have no idea what level you’ll be playing. If you’re a level 30, you don’t join an OP8’s game.

Always only the one your playing. So once you reach the 85 OPs Threshold, its 27 more Runs.

I hope the new chars will be able to get these later on as well.

There is tons of extra lives around in chests so you shouldn’t fail a game more than rarely even at 100 OPs (Well if you go with a full melee squad that may quickly turn into a problem) .
So while quite a lot of stuff hits really hard (and I personally think that this mass “one-shooting-grenade barrage” from the “elite bot squad” needs to be toned down, this is completely stupid) and so you may die quite a bit, a total wipe of the team should still be fairly rare, leaving plenty of room with the number of lives, especially since the mission is fairly short.

I played solo, with 2,3 and while some objectives were failed (some because peoples completed the primary objective first, and some simply because they were hard and we failed to accomplish it) I have yet to see a single failure to complete the game. Oh, it will come, for sure, and when you start at 50 you sure get killed super fast, but it shouldn’t be impossible. Especially not with low OPs, and you can reset them. Higher OPs is like the advanced version of it. You don’t do the advanced version of a mission if you’re low CR AND not ready to face it yet, right. (although on that point everyone is in the same queue. But hey, that’s up to the peoples with 50 OPs to decide if they think they can still manage or not).

Really? I’m usually terrible at melee characters, and I’ve found that Galilea can get the operation done really easily (solo, 80 ish ops points)

solo maybe. when you’re three tho, try to melee that elite bot squad at high OPs. Furthermore, some secundary objectives like don’t get hit by the ship are far easier if you don’t need to run to the enemy to kill it and can stay away in safe places, too.