Who has a Crader EM-P5 100% dmg on Rakk Attack. Have the below Bloodletter, some Siren Mods/gear and a juicy amount of Rakk anointed

Good Morning.

Good evening. I’m bored guys… I have a juicy supply of Rakk gear lets GO!

You got a Q-System AR with 300% weapon damage after phaseslam?

Just some mods in Siren bud… everything else is RAKK!!

Actually take that back… I have these …

That moonfire doesn’t look too bad, and I believe I do have a kyb’s worth that is rakk anointed

PSN: Adam jaz

Can’t find you, just add TheNimbusKid

Request sent

Successful trade… keep me motivated boys and girls.

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You are insane!

You know
Me to well

Good Morning! Wake up, grab some coffee and find me what I’m looking for!!! I’m a really great guy( #1 reason to give me the EM-P5) oh and the 2nd reason is my FL4k is jacked!


Good evening. I’d like the Crader by 8:00 pm ET tonight mmmmmmk bye.

It’s 8:00 pm and no Crader? Guess everyone’s got all the Rakk Anointed gear they need.

Today is the day. Someone in all of these forums must have the gun I seek or
Is it possible it doesn’t exist? Hmmmmmm