Who has the "And They'll Tell Two Friends" trophy? BL1

I am in need of this trophy and not many people play Borderlands 1 online anymore, if anyone has this trophy I would like to join a game with you.

I have it. My online id is BackOffoRDie. Add me when you get the chance, and let me know when you wanna invite me, or join my game.

Sorry man, i never saw this!! Thanks, ill be sure to add you tomorrow when im on okay?

Thanks for the help though

Alright, and no problem.

I know I may be late with this, but I need the trophy too, my PSN is JanMinigo. I would be VERY grateful if one of you two would add me and play with me so I can get the trophy.

Just going to lock this thread, since you’re responding to a thread that hasn’t been active in 2 years and you’ve already posted in the more active one.