Who has the saddest lore in Battleborn?

Thorn? Miko? or Caldarious (or etc.)

Thorn’s audiolog was touching but Miko’s was just sad :confused:

I would vote Alani. At least Thorn and Caldi have friends from before still alive, and Miko can reproduce him/her/itself infinitely (and is a colony, so…never alone). Alan is a kid, the last of her species and her order, and the only other person from her planet is a drastically older, demonically-possessed “lone wolf” who’s best frenemy is also on the ship. Not much to look forward to…


I’d say Alani too. Her whole planet was boiled by Ambra and she was the only one that survived. All that she has is Galilea, who doesn’t seem to know she exists.

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