Who has this exact Rakk Pak Mod? Have others to trade!

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haven’t i sent a rakk pakk your way?

I believe you did Nat.

this is the one i sent right?

I don’t believe so. I have that mod but I don’t believe that one was from you.

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that is better than the one you are looking for if you are using the rakk maggie.

I use that mod a LOT… I figured the cool down rate on that mod I pictured, coupled with a cooldown relic would be nice given that I crit shoot a LOT!

Plus I enjoy collecting all the variants :wink:

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i thought rakk cooldown is already very low? plus head count will do it for you. in my gammavore build my cooldown is 5 seconds.

even if the pet dies after gamma burst, i can summon it again while it is in ffyl.

I should take a look at your build.

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the build i am running is close to this build.

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Nats awesome you better listen…


Still looking to collect this mod though😂…have Quite a bit of juicy Rakk Anointed to trade. I anxiously await the outpouring of responses.

Specifically the one I pictured :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Good morning

Good afternoon

This mod is almost perfect; the Skills are great but I’d be happy as hell if the bonuses were

+Splash Damage
+Weapon Damage
+Action Skill Cooldown

also, G’day.

Good evening