Who has this exact Rakk Pak Mod? Have others to trade!

that is better than the one you are looking for if you are using the rakk maggie.

I use that mod a LOT… I figured the cool down rate on that mod I pictured, coupled with a cooldown relic would be nice given that I crit shoot a LOT!

Plus I enjoy collecting all the variants :wink:

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i thought rakk cooldown is already very low? plus head count will do it for you. in my gammavore build my cooldown is 5 seconds.

even if the pet dies after gamma burst, i can summon it again while it is in ffyl.

I should take a look at your build.

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the build i am running is close to this build.

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Nats awesome you better listen…


Still looking to collect this mod though😂…have Quite a bit of juicy Rakk Anointed to trade. I anxiously await the outpouring of responses.

Specifically the one I pictured :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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This mod is almost perfect; the Skills are great but I’d be happy as hell if the bonuses were

+Splash Damage
+Weapon Damage
+Action Skill Cooldown

also, G’day.

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Seeing a lot of loot people are looking for that I have… surely some God like player must have the mod I seek :thinking:

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Continuing the discussion from Who has this exact Rakk Pak Mod? Have others to trade!:

Unfortunately you cannot stack bonuses with mods and artifacts. It defaults to the higher one. I equipped a mod that reduced cool down by 31% and a relic (artifact) that reduced it by 21%. Instead of being a 22-24 second cool down, it was about 32 seconds. So only the 31% applied. It’s just like how you can’t stack elemental damage bonuses on anointed shields and grenades. Different bonuses only. Question though, can you only get the Rakk Pak in mayhem 4? If so… I’d rather trade gear with someone if they have a good one like shown above. I’ve farmed a lot and have some good stuff to trade. Also looking for a good anointed Lyuda if anyone has one. I’ve never gotten one to drop in CoS.