Who here wishes that flak had a different outfit

I really dislike flaks clothing considering its probably a really thin robot inside, and the clothes are way too bulky. Really wish that new skins were new outfits and not just recolors.

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I agree with ya here yet, I don’t hate the clothing but it would of been cool to have all of them get outfits to that correspond to the head and could be a trophy to find the matching sets!
Imagine that sh4man head whilst looking like an actual shaman. I’d joy puke. :rofl:

I’m pretty sure FL4K is fat.


On these early concept you have what it would have look like (right bottom).

I don’t dislike it right now but I like it more in the early concept, especially the one with no colors

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With the different heads they have, idk how the body would the outfits change to fit the heads like Marcus or the Horse.

Feel like having several different clothing options would impact the loading time or some other aspect. As much as it would suck but that’s just my thought

I like the current outfit personally. It’s like he’s a hobo backpacking around the galaxy with little to no care for hygiene or aesthetics.

A “Pervert Trench Coat” woulda been cool too lol When he opens his coat he deploys FLASH Grenades :smiley:


The reason I love FL4K. They’re the Robo Hobro.


I like the whole Troy as a woodland elf/demon look they had going on. Maybe that’s what FL4K looked like before this

@G1R yeah for every single outfit but if there was like 1 or 2 special outfits like that, that would be cool!

Oh so thaaats where the rakks come out of

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“I do not have blood so I’m taking yours, and your coat!”

To be honest, I would have loved if he was the midget design. I like his design right now of being Robot Hobo Bro and such, but going around the game as kinda the same size as your pets seems like it would be fun.

I was literally just thinking this earlier. I hate how bulky his clothes make him look. It’s ridiculous.

Gearbox is considering the idea of making model-changing skins rather than recolors, so let’s hope.

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This is the 1 nitpicking thing I’ve had for all the games. The heads change but not the bodies. But the the accessories changed their appearances when you changed them in the menu. So new skin “bodies” wouldn’t be that hard or take up to much ram.