Who in their right mind

…thought benedict needed a buff? I could go 20-2 with him in meltdown prior to the buff, now I’m ****ing scared to play him because he got probably the best buff and I don’t want to see my stats. They should’ve been putting buffs on toby, not benedict. Seriously, just because no one played him because they didn’t like his playstyle or didnt give him enough of a chance to see his power doesn’tt mean you make him broken, they need to return him to prebuff stats ASAP!!!



Can we get a word from gearbox about any plans for a Benedict? Maybe @JoeKGBX or @Jythri can shed some light on the situation.

The damage buff, I’ll agree, was unnecessary, but welcome :grin:!(Speaking for Ben mains… trollolololol!)

But seriously, he really only need a health boost. Nothing else really needed changed, but if they really wanted to, change his reload to make it do the whole mag, not just one rocket at a time and increase it accordingly. Simple solution to the clipping.

He didn’t even need that smh

Agree to disagree, I guess. I always thought he was a little too squishy, and I know in the right hands he could have been a monster, but he went splat way to quick, and his rockets were tricky to land. Different strokes for different folks.

He didn’t need the damage nor the health buff imo. He’s now to easy to pluck from the sky and after a barrage attacks that little extra health boost is what’s keeping him alive long enough to get away.

JUST started on Benny before the buff. Dude feels WAY too powerful now.If MY scrub self can jump in my FIRST-EVER live PvP Incursion, with at least two CR 100 experienced/good players on my team, and snag #1 kills and minion kills and shards colllected and #2 least deaths, and I barely even know the map, then it’s too powerful.

I can two-shot Thrall Brutes in Advanced PvE from about level 4 (+/-1) with the standard garden-variety rockets (one at their feet to drop them, one at the head for the critical hit and kill). SO many quick-kill bonuses, too, that he has more gold medals than any other character I’ve played, and he has the single highest score on most of the maps for my solo PvE matches (and 5-player PvEs, as well).

The rocket damage buff was wholly unnecessary. I LOVE playing as Benedict. LOVE it, I say! This character is SO fun (and I recommend some Hogscraper for soundtrack while playing Benny, especially ‘Arkansas Toothpick’). But he’s just too powerful now. I’d say put the base damage where it was before, and he’s fine. MAYBE a bit more Boomsday damage, too, or better damage in its blast radius? But generally, base attack damage is just too high. He’s easy mode now.


People are using macros now too, so they have pretty much infinite clip size/ faster fire rate…to me that is cheating, automating gameplay… i know they couldve before but with the buffs it is just absurd now

Well said, sir, (I remember you from my music thread for benny hehehe)

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Macros are outlined as cheating in the information described as cheating in gbx’s post about the reporting feature.

I don’t see these people getting banned yet though. Maybe gbx is fluffing everyone?

Well, you see, it’s hard to really prove someone is using macros. I can shoot a rocket and reload it with impeccable timing if i try hard enough, however I personally don’t use the mechanic that allows you to basically never have an actual reload time by reloading while you can’t fire. You could have two people who shoot at the same rate, seem completely the same in how they fire, but one of them uses macros and the other is just good at timing.

I think you could measure the timing to prove the macro usage in this case though.

I still think it’s a silly change–lore wise Benedict has claws for fingers and just logically doesn’t have the dexterity to slap a rocket into his gun just as it fires. But then again, his wings are too small to even glide–let alone lift him off the ground.

Speaking of which, why aren’t his wings a crit-zone when he’s flying?

well, it wasnt a change, it’s always been that way. People jsut never used him even though he was perfect, if not a little too powerful.

I don’t even need to try to get that trick down. And I can do it while moving around as well (pc though).

If one really wants perfect reloads, just rebind the reload to right click or something.

For me, i just twist my left hand slightly
Thumb spacebar
Index spamming R for reload even if I’m not firing
Middle W and S
Ring A and D (this is the hard one, but I.got used to it)
Pinky shift.

My right hand controls the firing speed. Reload can be spammed. Just spam the R key and you’ll immediately reload after u fire.

Macro just makes it easier. Which I can do so without it. Macro is hard to set up and work effectively anyway. Might as well learn the timing.

Just watch ur ammo count before the start of the match. Fire one round, spam R, when the counter shows 5, fire again. It’s all in the reflex. Play enough computer games your general reflex should improve slightly. (not spatial awareness reflex though)

Consistent stream is even easier if I’m standing still. Just spam R with index and left click.

Honestly the reload trick (on pc) is too easy to pull off.

Using a macro maybe speeds it up by microseconds. But the rockets travel so slow and fire slow (compared to bullets of guns) this doesn’t even make a difference.

Honestly, I wouldn’t care about the trick if he wasnt buffed. He may have reediculous dps with it, but it isn’t even needed. Prior to the changes made to him, without that trick ive been able to go 20-1, 17-0, such and such in pugs. Sure the trick helps sustain a very high dps, but if you time your reloads at the small points where you don’t need to fire in the middle of a fight, you’ll be just dandy. It’s not like it’s going to take you all that many rockets to kill someone anyways.

But yeah, the combo is really easy on pc i guess. Much harder on xbox, eveen with my razer wildcat, the way i have my controller set up, it doesnt really make it any easier. (I really just use one button. The controller has extra bumpers, so i always set it to the melee since im used to halo bumper boxin’, it’s much easier for me to quick melee from there)

Speaking of which, quick melee is still a really good move to use instead of reloading. If you find yourself close and out of rockets, one to two melees can easily finish someone who’s low off, and dive bomb used laterally can be a deadly chase when your out of rockets as well. I mainly use it for getaways though