Who is a better farming/ OP level character?

Which is the best character for farming raid bosses and doing OP runs? Is there a general consensus on who is better at certain activities? Play styles aside.

I started with Zer0 (pistol user), got him to 35 then decided to work on Axton because I wanted some weapon diversity, now he’s at 51 and sort of a chore.

Kreig is awesome, but I’m doing a co-op playthrough with the Missus with him. I love his ranting and raving!

Gaige is super fun too but in not sure how fun it will be to manage anarchy stacks in late game.

I know Salvador is awesome, he was my raiding/farmer when the game first came out, I just feel like he’s low hanging fruit. Easy mode almost

[quote=“Heavnsix, post:1, topic:1534825”]then decided to work on Axton because I wanted some weapon diversity, now he’s at 51 and sort of a chore.[/quote]Zer0, in my opinion, can get the most out of any given weapon by virtue of his skills; damage boosts, crit damage boosts, reload speed boosts, accuracy boosts, fire rate boosts, bullet speed boosts… few others can get the damage or performance out of as many weapons the way Zer0 can.

[quote=“Heavnsix, post:1, topic:1534825”]in not sure how fun it will be to manage anarchy stacks in late game.[/quote]If it’s not, switch to a different build - Gaige can do quite well without Anarchy late in the game.

In answer to your question, I have two answers:

Farming, I assume, means killing raid (or other) bosses over and over until you’re either insane or finally have that perfect-part weapon du jour. If you’re only in it for the loot (as opposed to savoring the combat), just go Sal and don’t waste your time.

OP level, I assume, means replaying story and side missions in the OP levels, in which case there isn’t a single character that can’t handle the OP levels (with or without optimized builds and top-tier weapons too). It really comes down to whomever you’re more comfortable (or have more fun) playing.

I’m an advocate of Maya at OP levels, but that’s mostly because I’ve played her so much I’m relatively competent :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve seen all characters play well and hold their own at OP levels. The only character out of my calculations here is Salvador - I’ve just never got to grips with him.

Maya is very nifty for farming bosses for legendaries. I’d say she’s also the best character for Digistruct Peak. I’ve managed to do most raid bosses solo with her (and it’s easier than with Krieg, my other OP8 character) but I’m not sure she’s the most optimal for taking them on; Axton seems better in general.

i think I want to go back to Zer0. Though Gaige was a lot of fun too, maybe I’m not quite ready to commit to getting good enough with her to farm end game stuff. I have a 36 Zer0 and a 51 Axton… How can I use my either of these two characters to farm a legendary Zer0 COM? Do they even drop at that level range or this something that doesn’t really show up until the 50s?

They aren’t easy to get before UVHM and the only enemies that have them in a loot pool are Vermivorous and Pete the Invincible. It is possible to defeat Pete rather easily with a 50-ish character in Normal since he is locked at 30-something unlike Terramorphous and he drops the original Legendary COMs (Slayer of Terramorphous excluded of course) rather frequently. That said, at 50 and below they don’t always boost all skills by 5 so it’s best to wait until 50+ when they start being guaranteed to be +5 in every skill (not sure about the exact level though).
It’s also pretty easy to get those COMs from the famous train chest in the third HeadHunter pack, at UVHM at least, the chances for chest legendaries are crap in Normal and TVHM. As those COMs are the only ones that can be found as world drops it’s fairly easy to find them in this chest.
It is advisable that you use Zer0 for this since COMs (and customization items) are weighed towards the classes in game so playing with the right chances increases your chances quite a bit.

Blue/Purple COMs are more than enough at this point really but the Legendary Vault Hunter COMs offer a different playstyle so they can be an interesting choice early on as well, if you can get your hands on them.