Who is best against Phoebe?

It sure as hell isn’t Ghalt. I just got destroyed in 3 games playing him by the other team’s Phoebe. It was like she was made to kill him.

I adore the squishyness of phoebe, Rath, Orendi, and Marquis when i’m playing Benedict :mask:

Well all ranged heroes are good against her - IF you see her coming and just maintain distance. If she gets jump on such ranged hero - it’s usually good night for them. However, if you are looking for chars specifically good at countering her. Well Melka is really good. Her spike does a lot of damage to melee chars that try to get close to her and it’s an escape mechanics at the same time (especially combined with her other skill). Caldarius is also good, because his speed and blind can make it really hard for Pheobe to fight. Thorn with increased jump height is also annoying for all melee chars - especially if you put blight below them and jump around that area shooting down :P.
And also Benedict - just jump up, glide and continue pumping rockets into those ant, I mean enemies below.


I honestly don’t think I’ve lost a 1v1 against her. I play Mellka/WF/OM though, all of whom can chew through her squishiness rather quickly :sweat_smile: ranged with decent aoe would be my suggestion

I build phebe with shield over her damage as she has a 6 sec slow on jump and can build 700 shield after a few levels and some equips comftorably. Melka is great against her with parting gift however. Montana with his cooldowns ready as well.

Any ranged character honestly, surprised you lost as Ghalt but suppose he is still short range part of the time at least. The game favors ranged heavily right now.

I find Mellka almost impossible to counter, unless I’m playing Phoebe. She has a 6 second slow, can increase her own movement speed or silence to cut off escapes, and has huge DPS. Mellka just explodes when I play Phoebe.

To answer the question: Montana. His health pool is huge, he has two skills that increase his damage reduction, can slow and has a knockback-stun. Montana is the bane of Phoebe, and his DPS is very high at close range where Phoebe fights so not only can he tank her hits for days and CC her to hell and back, he mow her down with his big f*ck off "mini"gun. When I play Thorn, I love Montana. When I play Phoebe, I hate him.

This is entirely untrue. If a melee closes in unseen, which is exactly what Phoebe is designed to do, ranged characters don’t just melt they implode. Melee characters are just as viable as ranged in most scenarios but they excel on Meltdown where CQC and team fights are common.

as someone that i am willing to bet my first born has more phoebe games played than anyone across all platforms, i can tell you exactly what counters phoebe and what does not. some can very effectively avoid phoebe or annoy phoebe, while others can simply destroy phoebe. although i do quite well with her, it is all the operator and very little do to with the kit. she desperately needs a buff. blade rush needs to be a stun again, imo. make the window one second or something, move it to level 8… something needs to happen

so melka is a great counter to get away from phoebe. she rarely if ever actually kills me, but she gets away incredibly well. she basically does not suffer from slow whatsoever when she escapes. she seems to get away more than any character, with the exception of benedict and caldarius. all three of them are very hard to get ahold of on phoebe.

so who is NOT a counter to phoebe? thorn, marquis, whiskey, attikus, shane, rath, reyna, miko, montana left alone is an issue to a degree, but it is doable. orendi unless she is level 10 mutation, but then again she cannot be stopped by three players at that point.

so who kills phoebe? definitely galilea can be an issue when played properly. i still get silenced by desecrate even when im not there when it is popped. nothing really changed there in my experience. alani is definitely an issue, but that is against every player in the game currently. el dragon can be tough at times as well. ghault is a decent counter, but you have to hook me into your trap before i teleport. in other words, you just have to outplay me. isic, kleese and toby are a real problem because they just dish out so much dmg before i can get close, and all have the ability to get away. but i cannot stress caldarius enough. he is the answer to phoebe

Out of that list nothing gives me more satisfaction than lifting off just as Rath burns his Ult. Fling a few rockets and dropping a Boomsday if needed. He looks really cool from that high up spinning around doing all that damage to the air and then exploding.

As for the OP, unless you’re tanky you need to CC and kite her a bit. Unless she’s smart and uses her teleport on the offensive (most save it to get away.). If that happens, dance.

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while i appreciate the sideways insult, i think i play her just fine. i do quite well with her, but it is due to operator lack of error, rather than phoebe. i literally have a slow field and my primary. that is it. someone like even ghault’s primary attack does way more dps, he has a hook, a stun… then you look at galilea who has a pull, a stun, s silence, and WAY more dps.

i think you missed my point. just because i can go nuts on a phoebe does not mean anything. only thing that matters is her capability on paper

Caldarius is amazing at escaping phase distortion so is Benedict

Can I have the hamster plz😀

Let’s talk about the game and not other players

Ummm… No, she certainly has a lot more tools than that…

She has a teleport, which can be used to initiate “and” escape, a silence, a 6 second slow, tons of damage with tons of damage reduction, bundled with a big aoe punishing ult.

She’s the epitome of the “impossible to lock down” moba character, the tradeoff to which is always limited abilities to actually dump damage. You port in, swing away, and port out when you get in trouble. For finishing targets, or initiating for team pushes she’s exceptional. She certainly doesn’t need a stun to do that any better

No…she doesn’t. In fact, let’s clarify some of what you said:

The teleport can only be used to initiate OR escape until Contingency Plan (on Level 6, at that…), the ton of damage really only applies to True Strike and IF one makes the correct choices for it (one choice of which must be taken over the damage reduction you mentioned) and on top of her ultimate not natively covering particularly large area (hence the Level 10 choice for enlarging it), it definitely is NOT the punisher you claimed either (I’ve watched both tanks and non-tanks just standing in it and letting the swords fall). The only concrete thing out of those you mentioned is the slowing effect that can be added to Phasegate. Phoebe DEFINITELY needs a buff, even if it’s just reverting her nerfing (CTT Phoebe)

As for being the ‘epitome of impossible to lock down’ and all that…offfhand, Melka, Orendi, and (a good) Caldarius strike me as being either equal or superior to Phoebe in this regard, so that doesn’t seem very accurate. Phoebe feels as though she was meant to be that kind of character, then something got lost in translation. This, I’m theorizing, was her CTT nerfing

what @Axle_Starr said. you are referring to a late game phoebe. it takes quite a bit of very smart play with a not so great clear that puts you in harm’s way to get to that point. many, many, many players spike well before phoebe. all she has is a slow field, while other characters have a slow, stun, aoe, and more dps. im not trying to say she is terrible. i main her for goodness sakes. but the counters to her are endless