Who is gonna be brave enough to test the Sentinel?

Apparently with the new update, the Sentinel will no longer be unkillable if the shards are destroyed quickly…

It didn’t read out “While the Sentinel is Mid-Jump”, so I’m not sure if this really is the thing.

I don’t want to play the level and try to glitch, cause he still got one Item I need on max roll…

So who cares to test it and tell us the truth?

I know it’s still one week till the Patch, but the mere thought of that rotten glitch be gone for good… it’s gonna be sweet :smile:

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I’ll do it.

the easiest fix i can think of would be to not spawn the shards in/allow them to be hit before he lands. so hopefully thats what theyve done.

Funny thing is, I’ve heard of this glitch, but it has never happened to me.

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I’ll be waiting for your Report then. :wink:

I’m sorry to say this, but you know i got to hate your luck. :sweat_smile:

You have still time experience it, but be sure to do a solo run… My friend didn’t believe me and triggered it on purpose… you don’t want to be that guy, believe me.

Breaking Character…

I have. It’s devastating. Make all that progress, then forced suicide.
When I have a team, I have to warn them not to destroy the shards too fast.
It’s embarrassing, game breaking, and has needed a fix for a while.

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it’s funny, I’ve never had this happen to me.

We’ve always dropped the crystals, usually even before the platform gets to the stopping point.

That’s the thing… if your fast enough it will never bea Problem, it really only happens if you break the second shard while the Sentinel is in the air.

That’s why I don’t trust the wording “too quick”.

It really should be written “While mid-air” if it really fixes the issue.

Anyways, it’s nice that golems will be alot easier to beat, especially the two Guardians, as their chest plate won’t regenerate post Patch.

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LOL, most groups have a hard enough time getting out of that first area alive. The rest of the board is simple compared to that.

Good to hear those guys will be easier to kill though. I’ve never really had any problems apart from the first area.

God damn my inpatient nature… just tried it with Kleese (his Taser and Mortars can dispatch the Golems very good, even now) and I caused that glitch again…

With Marquis Sniper Rifle it’s no Problem, but Kleese has only too little damage to destroy both shards in time :sweat:

Seems like I’m gonna kill me that Anthem in a few secs on Experiment/Advanced to cheer me up…

This guy sure must hate me as Kleese :smile:

Why would you try it now? The patch isn’t out yet.

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I doubt it wouldn’t be fixed. That would be terrible and it would make people raaaaage

I was trying to end the battke quickly although I knew it would probably glitch… thats the thing.

I knew I should wait, but the “Pew, Pew, Pew” of Klesse Primary attack was so enticing that I forgot to look if the Sentinel is about to jump.

All my fault for attempting to rush and FAIL bad at it :wink:

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Yes… Kleese’s Star Wars laser noises always put a smile on my face.

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The Sentinel was one of the stages I played the most before my PS4 hiatus, yet I never experienced that bug.

I feel for those who did.

Yikes. Forgot to test this. I’ve been grinding the op mission non-stop since the update was released. :yum:

Jumping into Sentinel right now!

Edit: Seems fixed to me! Ran it as Orendi, and again as Thorn.

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Great… gonna make farming that guy a lot easier.

I am one of those who never encountered the Sentinel bug. I might have completed the mission less than 10 times though, and half of it on solo.

I thought I’d share my experience too.