Who is gonna be up all night and wants to play!

I have 3 monsters and I’m off tomorrow! Who wants to play? I have a level 50 psycho that we can powerlevel or just start new characters. idc lol lets go! add me DeLaJester55

Hey, I might join you, but I’m sort of new to power levelling and ■■■■. I just finished my first play through, and I’m a level 31 siren, no legendaries. I’ve already started the true vault hunter mode, so I’m not near the ultimate vault hunter area. But yeah, let me know, else I’ll just bugger off.

P.S No mic, it broke

well i have a friend and i who are about to start new characters. interested?

Sure, but like I said, not the best at it. Gaige sound good??

fine with me. we aren’t picky. send me a message on xbox or just add me. DeLaJester55

If you don’t have a fourth player, may i Join?

yea inflair join party. we are creating new characters now