Who is Heterosexual in the Borderlands Universe?

So Hammerlock is homosexual. Tiny Tina is homosexual. Moxxi is Bisexual. A bunch of other characters…just curious. Apart from Lilith and Reece…who is hetero in the Borderlands universe? I’m just curious because if mostly everyone in the Borderlands Universe is anything but hetero, how the hell is the population so big???


Who the hell cares. (statement. Not question.) Hetero is overrated.

As for population, obviously there are hetero people. Also, just because someone is Bi/Pan/etc doesn’t mean they won’t have kids. Moxxi has kids. Also, apparently the New-U/Digistruct living people with thoughts and memories is canon so… chalk up large population to cloning and constructing people. If you’re looking for a list of straight people in the Borderlands universe I’m sure the list is at least as long (if not longer) than those who are not.


Doesn’t concern me either, just scientific curiosity. Also, I suppose, because it’s “the future” I guess there is a fluid state of sexuality, much like today. The only reason I noticed it was because I feel like I have seen it everywhere in the game and while that isn’t uncommon practice nowadays, it just felt like derivative storytelling for sale.

To answer your question, most of the named characters are listed in this thread:

Seems to be plenty there who fit your thread title question. And some characters are still not clearly defined regarding their sexuality. But I’m really not sure why we need to know?


I think one thing worth noting is that, because the dialogue is focused towards the player who can be either male or female, anyone who has a sexual aspect to them inherently has to be bisexual without changing dialogues based on what character was picked.


Really, this topic?


100 apology push-ups!


Oh, snap!

The same reason I am able to explicitly know through strangled prose that a particular character is homosexual…


How many centuries, nay, MILLENNIA, of “straight, gender normal” storytelling have there been?

The zeitgeist has changed, the paradigm has shifted.

Tiny Tina voice: Deal with it hashtag deal with it.


You seem really invested in this discussion. I’m speaking from logic here, not emotion.

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Doesn’t make it any less Closed-minded / borderline offensive.


Hey, come on, don’t be so simple. If I am able to observe trends do you have any idea how open my mind has to be? I just like to think for myself is all.

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what did I just read ?


One of them is a robot. One is magic. One has a tank. And one can teleport. And the question you have is who do they sleep with? People like you are tge reason games like overwatch sucks now

Thus is why im pro-swine flu


Okie dokie.


Zane. I ■■■■■■■ hope.

I mean, I’d be fine if he were bi too.

This is all about me.

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What do you mean I don’t count since I’m not in the Borderlands universe? Screw you guys, I’m going to have pizza with the only person who understands me, CL4P-TP! :bldancing:

In all seriousness, there are plenty of non-named NPCs who can account for the population we do see. Remember that we only see sections of each planet so this inquiry is a bit moot.

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Actually the question was how is the population in the Borderlands universe so huge if everyone is homosexual. No attempts to infantilise the subject matter will make it less relevant. I was hoping to discuss with some thinkers but…


Because if you swing both ways that means you can still breed. I’m pretty close minded and even i could figure that out