Who is honestly going to play all Mayhem 2.0 levels?

Don’t know about anyone else but I get bored really, really fast. I love content vs the monotonous grinding to re-level gear. That said, is anyone really planning on playing M 1-10 when 2.0 arrives ? It seems to me that with the right gear you could reasonably get by with farming a bit and playing Mayhem 3, 7, 10 or something along those lines. How many will attempt to jump straight to M 10?

P.S. I will be :joy::joy::flushed::joy:

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I don’t think the point is to play every level, it’s just to provide various difficulty levels to give people more options to fine tune the challenge. Diablo’s Torment levels work the same way (minus the need to re-grind the same gear), and there are 16 of those.


Will try M10 and see what it will be.


I’m with you bud

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It depends how different it will be form current system. I still think I’ll try all of them but as a 5 min Anvil run to get the global feel of it and then decide what to play on regular basis.

My thinking as well. Similar to BL2, every friend of mine power leveled to to max OP in short order. The end goal of course was to re-farm top tier loot with max attributes. I’m not a pro gamer by any stretch but I for one could never settle with having Mayhem 5 gear knowing 10’s were out there. I’d rather jump right to 10, take a thumping but go right for the gold.

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I might, depending on if its fun. I mean, when M4 came out at first I thought I’d never play that but it has since become my main difficulty.

First, I’m going to go MH 10 and farm red chests in the droughts :v
no dps check, no problem :v


did op levels just because they where in the game lol so guess I’ll do the same for mayhem levels too lol

Exactly. You can hop on M10 and get some very good pinks and blues just by hitting some chests and never have to kill one enemy.

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plan to load up m10, farm vending machines for suitably annointed purples then head out and see what its like haha

sounds a bit cheesy tbh

Provided that they let us do that and don’t put a gauntlet like for OP levels


I will certainly go straight to M10, if at all possible, to see what its like. For the fun of it, see how much damage I do and how fast I die lol. My Amara is at this point just really OP, far too OP for anything in current game to be a challenge, with the exception of Solo Maliwan True Takedown, now that’s a challenge still, haven’t succeeded yet, still trying though, the amount of mobs is the problem lol.
Normal Maliwan Takedown solo however is at this point… over quite fast with no challenge.
Can almost facetank Wotan because of elemental damage heal lul, reloading gets me down though if I continue just standing still lul.
And because of this, I wanna see how she does at M10 straight away lol.
I mean, if one can still do at least somewhat meaningful damage then you can just go to an easy boss to kill lol. Graveward for example is probably the easier boss to never get hit in.

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didnt sound like it but we will see xD

I kind of hope people can’t just go straight to m10 not out of spite or anything but I’m hoping it plays more like diablo 3 difficulty levels where the levels bellow 10 have a purpose and going straight to ten is insta death where its about working and each mayhem level actually means some thing where with out the right builds going from 5 to 10 will be almost impossible but playing on each level will be alot of fun and as you scale it feels like diablo 3s scaling nightmare levels

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the problem is vending and chest farming
there should be some kind of dps check to not make it completely ridiculous but also not something like digistruckt peak where you are forced to complete whole raids

Yeah I just feel like if all the mayhem levels can be skipped and don’t have a reason to play through them then basicly its like current mayhem we currently only have one mayhem level and that’s m4 as why bother with any thing else m4 is just better than the others I’m hoping for a diablo 3 styled difficulty where yes you can skip all levels but lower levels don’t feel like filler or a waste of time they feel like they add in a productive way to extending the games life

thats only a question of balancing and we all heared that in MH 10, “shxt’s gonna be real”
but if you can farm in safe mode, in sanctuary, there is no reason for these levels to exist xD

yeah if you can then gearbox are just wasting time with mayhem 2.0 though why bother with 1 to 10 when people can skip straight to 10 I don’t know will have to wait and see I guess