Who is Lieberman?

Only cool kids who played bl and bl2 know.

come on CL4NK most of us have played both games can you just remind us please?

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can you remind us please?

Sadly, I’m not cool or a kid. Though I have played Borderlands and Borderlands 2.

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lieberman is something that can appear on the screens on sanctuary, and from what I have found is only appeared in BL3…so the op is pulling our leg to try and be cool

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thanks! I appreciate the honesty!

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it is also something cov enemies, maybe only psychos, say when they die. but I wouldn’t put stock into it, after all it could be a reference to a irl person

at a Chinese restaurant on Pandora


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Lieberman is a general for Israel who loves Putin Google it it’s actually rather funny :joy:


Lieberman was an anti video game senator from the 90s, he was one of the first ones the claim that video games makes us violent.

Logically thats why he psychos are saying “Lieberman knows”, he knows that this is a violent video game and that’s why we are all violent in it. It’s more 4th wall breaking, meta conversation that this game loves


Wow! I love that. Finally a political stance by BL I can agree with.


“Find Lieberman, He Knows” is a quote from the Netflix Marvel TV The Punisher. That is the guy he was trying to find and help out …more than likely an easter egg from that show.


I think one of the devs is Jewish and has a sense of humor. I’m Jewish and picked up on many subtle Jewish references in the game. Lieberman is a common Jewish name and Typhon DeLeon uses old Jewish Yiddish words like schlep and mensch, and if you buy into caricature stereo types, typhon Deleon, at least reminds me of everyones favorite but crazy slightly neurotic Jewish uncle.


Despite all of the obscure possible references, it’s probably the political view origin. But they did qoute Jebidiah Sprungfeld as well, so I’m going with my answer. I will also dismiss any alternate theories because I can.

Thanks for the context. Had a friend with the last name Lieberman commit suicide two years ago. Still raw. So when ever I hear a COV yell “find Lieberman” I want to throw my headset and stop playing. But… The loot…

I run a non profit in his name now. Out reach for the finish line. We raced cars together. It’s a sucicide prevention group.

Should you need help, or want to help. Send me a DM and I’ll send you the discord link. Unless I can just post it? Literally made my account to post this. Not sure the rules.


Good for you man! Sorry for your loss.

Thanks. I could let it hinder me, but I choose to
let it strengthen me, and help those in need.

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Sorry to hear that and I empathize with your struggle. Nov 13th will be the one year for my own mothers… definitely a struggle and I love playing games cause it keeps my mind off of it. Ok now talk about something else.

Lieberman, referring to Ezra Leiberman, who chased after Dr. Mengele, post WW2, Hitler’s so called Aryan Genetisist. Portrayed in the Movie Boys From Brazil (1978) go watch the full movie on YouTube. Some whistle blower scholars contend that this movie in a dramatization of what really occured. And represents Truth. In the movie Ezra Leiberman is the one and only outsider that KNOWS what Dr. Mengele has done, and tracks him (thanks to he help of one Jewish boy researcher who dies early in.
Dr. Mengele creates 94 clones of Hitler, and has a network of expatriated Nazi flunkies working with him, to keep track of the “boys” foster families to try to recreate environment upbringing factors akin to Hitler’s.
“Leiberman Knows!”
Seems ominous, and
I also wondered what the Borderlands 3 persistence of that was.
And also i had heard of the Movie Boys From Brazil priorz i hadn’t watched it. Once I saw it, I realized, this Leiberman, might be the most famous reference to that name. And as others have mentioned, as Jewish game creators might also be savvy. Namely since, Hyperion essentially clones you Everytime you die.
The Scavs die screaming find Leiberman! Leiberman knows.
Sort of a stretch.
What do you all think?
Go watch the movie and learn about all the esoteric Hitler era mysteries, from UFO technology, Antarctica based, genetic cloning, etc… And you’ll also want to find the proverbial “Leiberman” and find out what he knows. Think about it.

That movie was fiction my dude.

The Lieberman reference is to Senator Joe Lieberman who argued many times that video games were making children violent.

Not anything to do with world war 2, or that movie.