Who is most fun to play in your opinion?

And why? I haven’t played this game in a while and I can’t decide who to play.

Really depends on your playstyle. For me, the fast-paced and reckless Vault Hunters like Maya and Krieg are the most fun to play as. Salvador is fun as well, but he is too much of a one-track-mind for me and I like sniping which he isn’t that good for.
I love Zero as a character, but I suck horribly at playing him.

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critical ascension runs with Zer0. Builds up insane damage, no need for slag or anything, just a fast sniper rifle and enough bullets.

For me either axton or maya, with axton I like running sniper/grenade hybrid build that’s really fun and on maya I run a elemental build which is also great if you like seeing your enemies melt away

When I started playing I tried all the characters out, and Gaige just rose straight to my favorite. For me, it’s the combination of the play style, deathtrap, and the unparalleled (imo) voice performance of Cheramie Leigh. Even when I was struggling in early UVHM with her I never got frustrated. The character is that much fun, and that well voiced.

Eh, that’s just my opinion though…


Gaige and Krieg.

Gaige is just utter chaos, and Krieg well, he’s Krieg.

It’s a tough call for me, but at this point probably Zer0 and Gaige. Zer0 for raids and co-oping (and he’s my original character), Gaige for bulldozing and general mobbing.

Maya and Krieg are right there as well.

I generally prefer a methodical style where I work at long or mid range to pick rooms apart with Maya or a Double Up + Gemini/Pimpernel Axton. Maya has become my definitive favorite by a slight edge over Axton.

I currently have Maya, Axton, and Sal at OP8, Zero at OP4 (grinding out the Peak solo with a pistol build), and am working my daughter’s OP7 Gaige through Normal and TVHM so I can play through UVHM solo with her. Eventually, I’ll work Krieg up.

I’d say Axton and Krieg.

Axton is fun, especially with the turrets. When I got two turrets, I was ecstatic. I love those beautiful turrets. I still need to get stuff for the Gunpowder skill tree, as I’ve been focusing on the other two. I’m not good with builds so one day I’ll try those. Axton has some good dialogue especially when it comes to the turrets. He’s rubbing off on me. (Jokingly married a turret in the Wedding Day Massacre DLC.)

Then Kreig, I’ve only played a little bit with him, but I love his skills and dialogue. Nothing is more fun that rushing at your enemy as they desperately try to take you down, and you smack them into oblivion.

The buzz ax-crazy meatman himself. He’s just incredibly satisfying to play as, no matter which skill trees you choose. And you haven’t lived until you’ve tried out a rocket launcher build with him.

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Maya is my favorite character and new cloud kill just wrecks at lower levels, but I find Krieg to be the most fun to play because he’s so unique

Gaige, of course. Spec Anarchy with your very first skill point and never look back.

One of my favorite gaming moments is Krieg in the Hyperion Slaughter dome going face to face with an ultimate badass loader- and beating the living snot out of it. Let’s hear it for electronic catharsis…:grin: